Our programs are filling up fast!

Since the development of a distinct program for our Sparks children (4-7 year olds) the program has simply continued to grow in size. In fact more children and their families are now involved in the program and Aeoncademy more broadly than ever before. While the number of children involved contributes to the creation of dynamic and diverse interactive spaces to explore and engage in play some of the class sizes have reached capacity. The Sparks program on Monday is now booked out! and Tuesday is following closely on its heels. The Creative Catalyst program on both Monday and Tuesday is also proving popular and is near capacity.

Sparks at play

So what does this mean?

Well we will continue to roll existing bookings over into the next term, but with so many people waiting at the wings to get in, you’ve got to confirm any existing bookings by the end of week 1 each term.

For new families or existing families who would like to change their days we have a waiting list. As people change days, children in Sparks graduate to Creative Catalyst or Vala Programs or Creative Catalyst students change rooms spaces will open up and if you have indicated you are already interested we will be in touch. Otherwise Aeoncademy continues to operate its programs on other days of the week and we’ve still got space then.

If you have any concerns, or want to express interest in our programs don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by phone on 6142 3268