Scrying Bowls

With Halloween still fresh on our minds and the day of the Dead upon us Tuesday’s Catalyst class embark upon our Scrying Bowl project. 


Scrying? Down the ages, scrying has been a prominent means of divination & fortune-telling through the act of looking into a bowl of fluid in the hope of discerning messages or visions.

Into the bowl would be placed the water which would then have an ‘activator’ added according to need:

  • To see a world like the one you are in, add a pinch of sea salt.
  • To see a world significantly different from your own, add a drop of ink.
  • To see into the realm of the Fae, add one drop of the oil of a flower.
  • To see into the realm of the dead, add one drop of your own blood, taken from a pinprick.
  • To see into your own mind, add a drop of saliva.

Working in clay we will build a unique hand made bowl to be decorated with runes, text and images using the sgraffito technique for our own try at scrying.