Sculpture Garden Sunday 2017

What are you doing next Sunday? Did you know that the National Gallery of Australia is having a fabulous free event for families outside? It’s Sculpture Garden Sunday 2017!

There will be all kinds of art activities to participate in as well as roving performers, coffee and a sausage sizzle.

We are very excited because Aeoncademy will be there running Let them make cake! An art activity using moulds and pastry tools to create cakes, biscuits, tarts and all sorts of delicious treats in CLAY.

Yummmmmmmm clay cake.

Aeoncademy, and Teffany, have been involved in Sculpture Garden Sunday for years and years, from 2007’s Coral Fortress, to 2009’s Singing Sculpture to 2010’s Sprout, to 2011 Eggs by the Dozen, and 2013’s Fakery Bakery.

Teffany has had a long history of collaboration with the National Gallery’s families and children program –  from Sculpture Garden Sundays to sculptural additions for their NGA Play space. Speaking of which…

Did you know we did the golden fountain animals in NGA Play?

The NGA Play space is a space is for the young and young at heart to have a tactile and playful experience of the themed exhibitions held at the NGA. The turtles, lizards and frogs were inspired by the Latona Fountain, a part of which features in the Versailles: Treasures from the Palace exhibition.

You can check out more of our Community Arts – like the Animal Panels we’re putting together for the Canberra Show – over here.