Snacks and Soil

Cottage cheese, jerky, crackers and dips – The children of Cornucopia have, over the past few weeks, made this essential suite of snack foods and taken them home to share with their families.

We made labne from our own yoghurt which we mixed with herbs from the garden, and curdled some milk with lemon juice for a simple curd cheese.A really enjoyable time was had by all when the Sparks joined Cornucopia to share the jerky making (and eating) process. Together we made BBQ, tomato salsa, pepper and herbs and honey soy sesame flavours and guzzled them all down. However, the most popular activity so far was this week’s crackers and dips. Nobody realised that crackers were so easy and that eggplant could actually taste good. Hopefully there was some left for families when the packages of biscuits got home.

On the garden side of the program we have been looking at what makes up soils with Penny from Caroola Farm. Cornucopia participants bought jars of soil from their gardens and we also looked into the soil in our beds at Aeon. It was very cool to see how all the samples were different and how we could turn them into the perfect growing medium. And as for growing, you should see our crop of oyster mushrooms growing in the art room. They have shot out of their box at a phenomenal rate and we have already harvested the first crop.

In the last few weeks of term we will be making some really simple homemade meals to take home to our families. Real baked beans and some fresh egg pasta with a simple tomato sauce. Hopefully if we manage to do a bit extra we can off it to other hungry families to take home too.