Sparks Dramatic Adventures

A New Year brings a new conceptualization of Spark-Vala Interactions. We hope that new changes we are slowly incorporating will create an even more interactive environment in which Sparks can explore and experience role play, drama for young children, character development, storytelling and creativity through play.

The Water Vole

To help us create a fully interactive environment we have begun the search for resources, particularly fact and story books that are accessible for 4-7 year olds. If you know of any such resources please get in touch with us. We are particularly interested in subjects such as historical and ancient civilisations, mythology and different cultures.


We also hope that these changes will assist in the transition for Sparks turning 7 into what Vala consists of, especially during our longer holiday programs. Games that incorporate dice play to mediate outcomes is one new addition, and more self-contained dramatic play, including storytelling and little productions are designed to help children explore the context of our historical and legendary stories in a deeper manner. Let the dramatic adventures continue!