The Spring Holiday Program!

Aeoncademy’s Spring Holiday Program has been released at our fabulous Open Day. The program starts on the 27th September after Family & Community Day and continues to the 7th October after a long weekend for Labour Day.

School Holiday Program

You can see all about how much it costs over here.  To join up for the first time, check out how to Join Aeoncademy.  To book in, get in touch with our office.

The SPring Program

What’s on

Aeoncademy is launching three brand new workshops with a host of its classic programs in this Spring Holiday Program. In Creative Catalyst, our Ceramic Classic Nesting is already proving popular, and our brand new detail-oriented drawing workshop Magnified Drawings has already drawn focus. In Vala, our fabulous Dawn of History stories are continuing alongside Dawn of Legend and Science Fiction Horizons tales but we’d really like to introduce our exciting new Dawnsaga Fantasy campaign: Young Mutant Tales — The Triangulation Effect. Being composed by a number of our emerging younger team, under the wise guidance of some of our most senior module authors.

More Information for the Spring Holiday Program

For more information (or to book) call our office on 6142 3268, or else click the links below to find the appropriate workshop.

Creative Catalyst

Shadow Puppets – 27/9Shadow Puppets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Theatre. Play with design and moving parts to build your own shadow puppets. A dog with a wagging tail? A wizard on a magic cloud?  A walking tree? Anything is possible in this creative workshop which will also allow participants time to work collaboratively to make stories for the shadow theatre.

Nesting – 28/9Nesting

Welcome Spring! Explore the incredible world of bird nests and then create your own version in clay. It will be fired in a kiln and then taken home to adorn your garden.

Totemic Talismans – 29/9

Choose an ability and then design an amulet to represent this power, for example wind summoning, or protection from dragons or maybe animal friendship (your choice). Use sculpey to construct forms and symbols and incorporate other found materials like glass, stone and wood into your work to create a truly one of a kind wearable art piece.

Magnified Drawings – 30/9

Truth is stranger than Fiction! We’ll take an ant’s eye view of the world using USB digital microscopes to explore the littlest details of objects and transform them into our own macro drawings. Look at the texture of insect wings, feathers and other found objects and explore different drawing materials to magnify your interpretations.

Masks of the World – 4/10

Take a look at Masks from Oceania, North America and Africa. Sketch and design your mask and then make a small model- is it Friend or Foe? Horns, teeth, scars, scales or fur? This ceramic workshop utilises coil work, texture, modelling and glaze work.

Cat Animalia – 5/10

From Ancient Egypt to Mexico and Scandinavia, the Cat has been revered as an animal of power and significance. Be inspired by images of ancient cat statues domestic and wild, fierce and loving and then handbuild your own special cat sculpture. This workshop uses clay and glazes and is fired in a kiln.

Whirligigs & Kinetic Sculpture – 6/10

Using recycled materials like bottles and bottle caps, construct spinning propellers to catch the wind. Look at different plastics and their moldability with the application of temperature and pressure. Create optical illusions with  3D spirals and other moving shapes.

Haunted House Dioramas – 7/10

Return to the classic, old fashioned Haunted House, complete with ghosts, black cats and spooky paintings. Using cardboard, paint, wire, airdrying clay and more; construct an interactive diorama with scary moving parts!

Vala Dramatic Adventures

Age of the Buccaneers – Classic Enemies – 27/9

Legendary China – The Dragons Return – 28/9

Dawn of a New Horizon – The Phobos Effect – 29/9

Merrie Men of The Greenwood – The Death of Guy of Gisburne – 30/9

Realms of the Renaissance – Florence Falls  – 4/10

Young Mutant Tales – The Triangulation Effect – 5/10

First of the Bushrangers – Bushrangers & Blackfellas – 6/10

Fall of the Aztecs – Moctezuma And Cortes – 7/10