Spring Menu

Morning teas

Knowing how hard it is to get kids to eat breakfast sometimes, morning teas during the holiday program aim to supplement anything they may have missed at breakfast. High energy wholefoods incorporating both carbohydrates and protein will generally be on offer. We will offer options such as natural yoghurt, fresh or stewed fruit, whole grain cereals, low sugar baked goods, toasties, eggs, unhomogenised full cream milk, organic milk alternatives and fresh juices.



For spring lunches we will be looking towards all the new season veggies and greens that are just starting to appear at the markets.

Soups and stews will be are starting to give way to pastas and rice, less warming and super filling. Fried rice, spaghetti Bolognaise and Lasagne are all favourites at Aeon.

Nachos are the all time favourite and it wouldn’t be a holiday program menu without them. Vegetarian nacho sauce, fresh seasonal veggie salad options, salsa, guacamole, cheese and sour cream all piled on to of plain gluten free corn chips.

After the success of burger day last holidays we will be doing this again instead of, or maybe as well as, sausage sizzle. House made beef mince or vegetarian burger patties, organic sauces, salads, homemade pickles, cheese, pasture raised chicken eggs and lots of salad.

Afternoon teas

Afternoon tea is usually a reasonably savoury affair, not a great time of the day to be loading children up with sugar. It will always include fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable and something a bit more filling. Some examples include:

Fruit and vegetable breads. Some of the favourites have been carrot and berries, pumpkin and sultana, beetroot and cacao, and of course the classic apple and rhubarb;

Plain corn chips, crackers and popcorn. These are served with fresh salsa, guacamole, hummus, eggplant, beetroot or sweet potato dip, cheese, or boiled eggs;

Wraps or sandwiches with salad, cheese, egg, or vegemite;


Housemade wedges;

Small treats like coconut honey fruit balls, honey seed clusters, puffed quinoa crackles, fruit muffins, pikelets or scones with butter and jam, biscuits, rice pudding, house made jelly or custard, fruit and juice icy poles.

House made savoury and sweet pastries such as sausage rolls or scrolls.