Sun Down Get Down

For all you groovy guys and gals, Aeoncademy is making a pop-up appearance at the Ainslie + Gorman House 2017 Program launch, Sun Down Get Down.

Come see us to hand make your very own art badge and bring a little bit more creativity into your life as Aeoncademy runs this fantastic Interactive Art experience directly opposite the Gallery.

Badg-o-rama at the Gormon House Green

They Say:

Sun Down Get Down at the Gormon House Green

Join us for a garden get down featuring Canberra’s finest purveyors of disco, funk and soul; and the launch of Ainslie + Gorman’s 2017 program. At Sun Down Get Down we invite you to have a conversation with a stranger, discover stories from the future, play with mischievous performers, and tear it up on the dance floor.

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