Thank you for the Winter Program!

Thank you thank you thank you all for a brilliant Holiday Program! We went from excellent to amazing, kept warm in winter (despite the snow) and sunk our hands into some fantastic creative programs. From Wired to Winter Drawing, Aztec Dusk to the Age of the Buccaneers, we’ve managed to move all over the world and throughout space and time, and we’re rolling off from the program straight into our awesome after-school classes.


In Creative Catalyst we’re especially proud of Terrariums, those fantastic living worlds-in-glass. Layering stone and soil over shells and shapes, we saw some participants reverse the paleontological process and bury skeletons, others got involved in sky-writing on the glass, or Rainbow-serpent-esque coils circling the piece.


In Skulls and Bones we got into some seriously cool explorations of form. From exuberant day of the dead skulls to bowls carved from what looked like ribcages.

Skulls & Bones

We explored shapes that were inspired by skeletal remains and those sun-bleached skulls of the desert. We got to get our hands on some serious artistic inspiration for the project, too, in this magnificent  sculptural class.

Bones & Skulls

Meanwhile in Vala, our crowd favourites were The Realm of The Raven, the absolutely amazing conclusion to our many-cycle epic tale Elf-Towers of Dawn. All across the Realm our noble (and ignoble) adventurers have traveled, quested, fought monsters, won over taverns with their wit, toppled political campaigns, carried out wyrd rituals, and so much more. Of special note was our fabulous monster-feature of The Mighty Twin-headed Ettin.

The Realm of the Raven

Also in the realm of exciting stories, the origin of Professor Martin was – for the first time – revealed in the Time Bandit’s zany Night in the British Museum. Evading the gendarmerie and school-children alike, the Time Bandit’s’ story started getting out of hand when creatures and fixtures of the Museum started coming to life. Jade Dragons, Minotaurs, miniature Napoleons, and much much more all clashing with calamity as the Time Bandits struggled to recover the map of all time and space before it was lost to the great evil one, or simply to some calamity or another.Time Bandits - A Night at the Museum

When the weather got blue, what were the Sparks to do? They transformed their room into pirate ships, castles, little houses all in a row, and marketplaces, and more. The opportunity arose to venture out beyond, to the Vala and Catalyst rooms, where they encountered opportunities to become riots, pirates, tribal people from around the world, school children, and creatures of the forest. Not to mention getting to use wire, clay, living plants, watercolours and recycled materials, to make individual projects.