Thanks for an excellent Spring Program!

Thanks everyone for making our Spring Program a roaring success. From the lovely Nesting to creepy Haunted House Dioramas, from the interplay of the Aztecs in Moctezuma & Cortes, to the weird and mysterious Phobos Effect, we’ve had some great times.AeoncademyAeoncademyThis Tuesday and Wednesday we got to try out some of our stalwart team as they stepped up to run the show in Vala, with George, Enki and Max seizing the chance to shine – and shine they did, making Florence Falls and our new Dawnsaga Fantasy story The Triangulation Effect  both astounding successes in storytelling.Aeoncademy

We’d love to invite submissions of stories from any one of our participants as an entry to The Vala Writer’s Prize! We’re on the look out for any participant’s writing efforts in this exciting extension to the Vala program.

In Creative Catalyst, we’ve doubled down on creativity with some of our coolest artworks yet. To start we roared in with Masks of the World, staring humanity’s obsessions with masks straight in the face. Aeoncademy AeoncademyAeoncademy

We’ve been doing some great sculptural workshops this week to follow on, with Cat Animalia,  Whirligigs (& Kinetic Sculpture), and some spooky scenes with Haunted House Dioramas. 


Our Sparks have been having a wild time, especially as the sun has started to shine and the springtime storms clear. From a spiderweb playspace to designing a dance inspired by the people of the Eora, indigenous Australians from around the Sydney-town settlements as the convicts arrived, as well as getting all into their Kinetically Sculptural creations in their Art experience.


Remember, the After School Classes kick off with our smorgasboard of activities in week one, and your bookings roll over from term-to-term, so get in touch if you’re changing your booking, or to book anew!

Thank you all so much for this fantastic program.