The Court of Mary, Queen of Scots

Take a job at the royal court of Mary Queen of Scots and experience the flourishing ‘Scottish Renaissance’ of her reign up close and personal. Work hard to meet her expectations, strive to be noticed and become a royal favourite, protect her person and reputation from the manipulation of foreign powers, and become caught up in the great events and vicious politics of Queen Mary’s eventful reign.

The Court of Mary, Queen of Scots
In the Court of Mary Queen of Scots set of adventure Vala Games explores the life and times of Mary Queen of Scots, the influences and figures directing events in her court, and the influence and access to the powerful that medieval servants often enjoyed, as well as teaching skills of cooperation, decision-making, and observation.


  1. The Favourites of Queen Mary
  2. The Murder of Lord Darnley
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The Favourites of Queen Mary

Leaping into action as the spring season of royal parties and councils begins, the Court of Mary Queen of Scots find themselves at the heart of the ‘Scottish Renaissance’ as nobles return to Edinburgh and foreign visitors arrive.

The Court of Mary, Queen of Scots

Moving through the palace and catching glimpses of deadly politics, foreign espionage, and even open treason against the crown, the members of her Court will find themselves very busy as they compete to become The Favourites of Queen Mary.

The Murder of Lord Darnley

Shock and suspicion rock the Court of Mary Queen of Scots when an explosion one night after midnight proves a clue in the abrupt murder of her husband, Lord Darnley.

The Favourites of Queen MaryFinding themselves at the mercy of the gathering political storm as nobles exploit the situation to their own goals, the members of the Court must be cunning, be trustworthy, and be very careful indeed if they are to avoid misplaced blame and punishment over The Murder of Lord Darnley.

The Rise & Fall of Lord Bothwell

Recently widowed and confounded in her sovereignty by rebellious Lords of all persuasions, it seems that the Queen of Scots needs must settle on a new husband or face a challenge to the throne. Few in her court are prepared however for the events that rapidly unfold as the ambitious and brave Sir James Hepburn literally sweeps the Queen of her feet and sets the Kingdom on a course towards disaster or redemption.

The members of Mary’s Court need to decide one and for all where their loyalties lie during the meteoric rise and fall of James Hepburn, Lord Bothwell.

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