Christmas Weekend Workshops

Thor and the Ice Giants

On the lifesblood of fated men
It’s thirst is slaked
The Powers’ homes paint crimson
With the heat and heart of battle
Black become the beams of sun
In the summers that follow

And the weather all now hearts harrow
Do you still seek to know? And What?
Now when the lifesblood flow,
And in chains Loki stirs deep below
These omens Ragnarok begot

From Völuspá, in the Poetic Edda, c.1270 CE.

Ragnarok, the end of Asgard, the fall of the Aesir and the cataclysmic war of the Ice Giants, was prophesied to Odin One-Eye many years ago. Heimdall, the all-seeing, has seen the coming of a change in the nine realms and, in his infinite wisdom, Thor has taken up Mjolnir to face the impending doom.

Christmas Workshop

Thor shall call up a team of warriors from Asgard, the home of the gods, including the Valkyrie, the Einherjar, even some fellow gods to search for a way to avoid the impending apocalypse! Along the way, Thor and his warriors will traverse the nine realms, and face gigantic and monstrous foes in Jotunheim, search for help from the elfin folk of Alfheim, and armament from the dwarfs in Svartalfheim.

Look behind the comics with an adventure of epic proportions, drawn from as many original texts as can be found! Students will learn all about Norse mythology, and Viking ways of life, touchstones for an enormous number of the stories we tell today.