Vala After School Term 2 2016

Monday to Thursday every week Vala is running its unique Dramatic Adventure, Storytelling, and Character Play workshops. Launching with Skulduggery and Politics in Realms of the Renaissance, and rocketing on to the Aztec Empire with the Fall of the Aztecs, Vala at Aeoncademy has set the scene for a dramatic introduction to the term.

Term 2 2016 A.S. Program

Vala is going to go on to explore a whole heap of different stories, from our Original Science Fiction story Fly Me To The Moon to the stories of Ancient (and Legendary) China in The Sage of Snow-treasure Peak.


We’re also very excited to have the Sparks getting involved through both direct interactions – like we saw with The Darts of the Totonac – and their own special dramatic adventures called Drama Pod to tell their own stories and collaborate in their own way, as we’ll see with Buccaneer Brats.


We’re also really looking forward to having some older students coming in and continuing in their Aeon journey, including our latest recipient of Veteran Certification, Hugo! We’re looking forward to working with Hugo more and more as he gets ready for the big time of Working in Aeoncademy.

Look forward to seeing you here!