Visiting Hearth

Our Artistic Director, Teffany Thiedeman, is in the midst of creating, firing and fine tuning the final pieces for her upcoming exhibition, Hearth. It opens on  the 25th of November and is also the name of her art studio. It is a living space that incorporates plants, an edible garden, beehives, chickens and rabbits and a clay wood fired pizza oven.

detail of a wall mosaic containing plants, ceramic pieces, tiles lost and found objects

Teffany describes her arts practice as channel making to enchantment and a celebration of imagination. Through her work at Aeoncademy and in the Canberra community she engages and inspires children to recognise and develop their spark of creativity. Teffany would like to include the children who currently attend Aeoncademy in the weeks before Hearth, enabling them to see her studio, kiln and arts practice in action and share in some of her inspirations, both living and objects from around the world. For one week only of excursions which will run during regular after school session times 4-5.30.

Aeoncademy first started from Teffany’s art studio,  amidst her garden and home right here in Yarralumla. This year Hearth is in part recognition of the place that has inspired Teffany and many of her students, some of whom are now practising artists in their own right. It also presents an unprecedented opportunity for her current  students to experience a working studio and experience art outside an institution.

Teff's Garden
Anna the Garden Gnome

If your child attends an after school session currently please fill in the letter attached. Please note only children who have written authorisation to attend provided will be able to participate. For any four-to-six year olds who would like to participate in this experience we are offering a free Clay Play event on the 26th November as a part of Teffany’s exhibition and you are welcome to book.

Hearth Excursion Note

Or alternatively if your child doesn’t attend after school consider attending one of the Clay Play sessions which will be running on Sat 26th Nov concurrently with her exhibition. Contact Aeoncademy for more information and to book for this free event.

For more exciting updates about Hearth or to discover more about Teffany’s art practice visit