Welcome Back to School!

After a great Holiday Program we’re rolling straight back into our after-school program.

Back To School

Our Monday & Tuesday art classes are being run by Monica Castelo, with ceramic & mixed material workshops coming together with Teffany’s classic ceramics class on Thursdays and Isabelle’s Wednesday wonders of Drawing and Painting. This term in Creative Catalyst we’re exploring themes of Spring Stories, sprouting seeds and reborn reflections with a host of exciting projects. From Storybook Construction to Masks and Masques, and with a fantastic batch of different programs planned.

Outdoor Painting

In Vala, our stories center around revelation, understanding, and new beginnings as we get involved in stories from the Age of the Buccaneers and Realms of the Renaissance, and with many, many more stories from all over the globe being put together for a fantastic Vala program this term.

Outdoor Play

Sparks this term are doing exciting projects building on each of our programs, and in World Cooking are getting to make some of the most delicious dishes that we’ve ever seen.  We’re taking a look at the cultural differences between styles of flat cake, from Belarusian Potato Pancakes to Venezuelan Corn-cakes, we’re really excited to explore both the differences in how these foods are prepared and why these foods share common and differing characteristics from different points on the globe.

You can see all the different programs planned over here – and click through to see the details about each of our programs.

Bubble Bubble...]As we get stuck into what’s on this term, here’s a heads up for the Open Day – it’ll happen on the 20th of August. Aeoncademy is a strong believer in the local community, and our Open Days are one of the ways we try and bring a bit more creativity into everyone’s lives. From Art & Craft advice from our supremely experienced facilitators, to chats about the things that impact our community. Put it in your calendar today!

And, as a sneak peek, Teffany is hosting an Open Studio on the same weekend… Stay tuned for more – coming soon.