Halloween Party

Welcome… to Hallowaeon!

Ghouls, goblins, and little ghosties, prick up your ears! For the scariest day of the year – HALLOWEEN – is fast approaching, and Aeoncademy will be holding a special celebration for the day. We’re calling it Hallowaeon!

Aeoncademy's awesome Halloween Party - October 31st - Bookings Essential

Bookings are an absolute must for the day and we’re offering a special discounted rate for bookings made for Hallowaeon! $25 for the session starting at 4pm, $13.25 for the Bridging session – but only for bookings made in advance for Hallowaeon. Call the office to book in today!

Things will kick off with a celebratory bridging feast with some spooooky elements that our catering crew are brewing up in the storeroom even as we speak.

Sugar Skulls and Spooky Confection

Then in an Aeoncademy first, we’ll be running an extra-special session that will last an EXTRA HALF-HOUR from 4pm until 6pm. And what a session it will be! Not only are we running extra special stories, art and cooking programmes from 4 through 5 for the children, but during the last hour of the program (from 5pm onward) we’ll even be throwing open our doors to parents who want to join in in the Hallowaeon Extravaganza!

What’re we doing on the day? Well…

Spooky Lanterns

In Creative Catalyst we will join in the ancient-most of Halloween traditions, painting their faces like scary monsters – zombies, vampires, werewolves – to protect themselves from prowling monsters on the way home. Here’s hoping they don’t get confused and come to think they themselves are the monsters painted on their skin…

Sparks will put on their lab-coats and prepare to learn from our resident mad genius Anna Wishart the slippery ways of Slime Science! Red or green, yellow or blue, ghostly ectoplasm or sticky blood, even non-newtonian goopy creations, our inventors-in-training will cook up all kinds of slimy concoctions. Let’s just hope that their creations don’t slither away from them….

Spooky Slimy Halloween Creations

Vala will explore the haunted back-alleys of Mexico City as they learn about the Aztec roots of Dia di Muertos, the Day of the Dead. If they aren’t careful, they may even glimpse the ancient deities Mictecacihuatl and Mictlantecuhtli roaming their former stomping-grounds and learn the true meaning of the word sacrifice…

Get a look at what your children do all term, maybe even engage in a little project of your own, and join your kids and our spooktacular staff for a sausage sizzle to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.

See you all at Hallowaeon!