Aeoncademy has a lot of things going on in our office!

Every day our team in the office are taking bookings, talking to parents, organising our roster, they’re making sure that our specialised programs are ready to run, every day, without fail.

The Office

Not only that, but they keep a track of all our Child Care Rebate and Benefit reporting, all of our discussions around facilities, and managing the First Aid for the whole centre every day!

So it’s no wonder they’re always so busy.

As Aeoncademy has grown in size, so has our task list. To help make sure that our team in the office are able to focus on the important work they have to do, we’re making a few changes to how we manage accounts.

Access to Accounts

Did you know you’ve always had access to your account with Aeoncademy? When we first accepted your enrolment, you were sent an email that included your account details with Hubworks – our Family Accounts software. You can log in using those details by going to

The Hubworks Login Screen. Click 'Login', then enter your details to access your account.
The Hubworks Login Screen. Click ‘Login’, then enter your details to access your account.

It is your responsibility to update your children’s records (especially health information like allergies and behavioural issues) and any changes to contact information.  

You can view both their schedule and your account. You can see your account, produce invoices and statements, and view what’s going on by clicking on the Heart icon and selecting “Accounts” or “Bookings” to see your child’s schedule. You can also update your contact details by clicking on the icon on the right, next to where it says “Hi You”.

Remember, it’s important that you keep your details up to date with us. We’ll still send you an invoice in Week 3, too.

Your Hubworks account is also where all your Child Care Management System – The thing that pays the Rebate and Benefit – happens. You can make sure that you get the 50% rebate by keeping your account up to date, especially your and your child’s CRN.

Direct Debit

Aeoncademy has previously updated Direct Debit amounts at the beginning of each term, making sure all families are up to date with their payments across the term.

Going forward, we’re no longer going to update those Direct Debits on any schedule – it’s up to each family to ensure that their Direct Debit amount will cover their account across the term.

We’re going to keep helping out, too. Our team will calculate your direct debit when you book in, and you’ll receive a statement in week 3 as well, so you can keep an eye on how it’s all going.

Account Problems

Hubworks is very accurate, but we’re only human and sometimes mistakes are made. If you notice a mistake has been made in your account, please send the office the details and we’ll work to correct it.

You may request the office team to review your account if you have concerns but cannot pinpoint the specific issue (such as a missing payment). The cost for doing so is $20.00. If Aeoncademy is found to have made a mistake, this fee will be waived.

You can see all our fees here, and don’t forget to read The Fine Print