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Vacation Programs – creative classes running throughout the holidays. Full days of fun, educational courses covering a wide range of original and exciting programs including visual art, drama and cooking.

The Winter Holiday Program

Aeoncademy is excited to have launched our Winter Holiday Program! Running from the 3rd  to the 24th of July, our program is jam packed with awesome opportunities for some serious Creativity.

Winter Holiday Program

In our Creative Catalyst program these holidays we’re bringing back some classic sculpture workshops, like Soup Kitchen Ceramics and Get A Head, alongside some brand new explorations in our diorama workshop Cities of Light and painting workshop Lost in the Clouds. In Soup Kitchen Ceramics, students will explore skills like coiling, slab building and moulding as they produce beautifully glazed domestic ware. After they’ve been fired, the ceramic vessels will be souper beautiful and ready to use!

In Vala, our new set of awesome adventures continue with Camelot Rising, and The Great Translator. We’ll also be looking back to some classic stories from Time Bandits – King Solomon’s Mines – to the exciting story of Cavalry & Aliens. Oh and we can’t forget the fabulous Young Mutant Chronicles coming up with a double header of Pandemic Panic and the mysterious Beast in the Underbelly.

The Program

Aeoncadey’s ethos of Education through Creativity is the center of all our programming. Check out the Winter Holiday Program after the jump!

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A Day in Wonderland

Turn your mind a-topsy turvy with a fabulous day in wonderland on the 24th of April as our Autumn Holiday Program extends!

In Creative Catalyst we’re running our fabulous Mad Hatters Tea Party, full of fun and vim and vigour – we’re going to make costume hats and go wild with a peek through the looking glass as we all sit down for a shared meal.

In Vala, we’re going tumbling down the rabbit hole and into a story of Jabberwocks and Tum-Tum birds as the Time Bandits go to Wonderland. Just watch out for Vermin at the Tea Party.

Our Sparks, as always, will get involved in a mega blend of both activities, making their own Mad Hats and getting involved in our dramatic adventure for the day.

The Autumn Holiday Program!

Aeoncademy is excited to have launched our Autumn Holiday Program for April! Running from the 10th to the 21st of April, and with a special bonus day happening on the 24th, our program is jam packed with awesome opportunities for some serious Creativity.

Autumn Holiday Program 2017Fresh out of the oven, Creative Catalyst is bringing us Fakery Bakery, a ceramic workshop so popular, it just headlined at the NGA’s Sculpture Garden Sunday.

Our Brand New Historical and Legendary program for Vala: Dramatic Adventures has launched! From the Halls of Camelot to the Mountains of Tibet, The Deserts of Egypt to the Wastes of Newfoundland, and even to the Castles of Scotland. We’re all really excited for this new series of adventures!

The Program

Aeoncadey’s ethos of Education through Creativity is the center of all our programming. Check it out below.

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A Day to Remember

Here at Aeoncademy we’ve finished up our first week back with our Intro and planning sessions and put together our program for Term 1 – check it out. While we were going, though, we’ve noticed that as a result of a quirk of Public Holiday timing, there’s an extra day of school holidays on the 24th of April.

Now we know a bunch of families will take the opportunity to slip out of Canberra for a long-er weekend, but we’re also aware that some people don’t have that opportunity.

So here’s the deal:

Aeoncademy will run its fabulous vacation programs on the 24th of April.


We can get 20 bookings for that day by the Open Day.

All bookings made for that day are entirely transferable if the day doesn’t go ahead, and will attract the 20% Open Day Discount starting now. That means that you can call and book now without the downside of missing out on the Open Day.

Call the office today to arrange your booking and secure your spot!

The Summer Holiday Program

Aeoncademy is excited to have launched our Summer Holiday Program for December-January this year! We’re launching a massive number of new workshops and bringing back some absolute classics.

2017 Summer Holiday Program

Our Summer Program, running from the 3rd to the 27th of January, is jam packed with amazing opportunities for some Education through Creativity!

Action Art is returning to Creative Catalyst for a series of fabulous (and messy) workshops, as well as the introduction of Monomania’s Monoprinting masterclass, Portraits in Oils, and the classic Keep on the Borderlands Ceramic Sculpture Workshop.

We’ve got some classic returning stories from Vala as well, with Rise of Rome and Awaken Andromeda returning from an earlier age, while the fantastic new Young Mutant Chronicles stories and the tales from the end of the world – in Wolves, Woe and War – are seeding our program with more new workshops than ever!

Our Christmas Elves workshops, running from the 19th to the 23rd of December, has been brought back by popular demand from last year. Our engaging compilation of arts & crafts, dramatic storytelling and Christmas themed cooking is here to help students unwind from a tough year at school and get ready for the Holidays (and help our parent community get ready for the season too).

The Program

As always, our program has been built around our ethos of Education through Creativity, and is full of amazing ways – both new and old – to learn about our world.

Week One
Creative Catalyst

Bejewelled Wands

Tuesday Dreamscape Dioramas
Mixed Materials
Wednesday Fantastic Fabric
Painting, Printing, & Playing
Thursday Fosslisation
Friday Action Art I
Paints, Crayon, Pencil, Chalk
Vala Dramatic Adventures

Age of the Buccaneers

Tuesday First of the Bushrangers
The Battle of Vinegar Hill
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
The Magnificent Why’s Ones
Thursday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Warp Experiment
Friday Merrie Folk of the Greenwood
The King in the Greenwood

Week Two
Creative Catalyst

Monday Paper Mache Monsters
Tuesday Underwater Dioramas
Mixed Materials
Wednesday Keep on the Borderlands
Thursday Junk Sculpture
Found Object
Friday Action Art II
Paints, Inks, Markers & More
Vala Dramatic AdventuresWar and Peace in Old Venice Monday Twilight of the Gods
Wolves, Woe, and War
Tuesday Realms of the Renaissance
Rise of Rome
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
Why’s Ones Hit the Streets
Thursday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Impossible City
Friday The World of Oliver Twist
Burglars, Conspirators, & Spies

Week Three
Creative Catalyst

Pinch-Potting Paradise!

Monday Goblets of Power
Tuesday Monomania
Wednesday Secret Garden
Thursday Portraits in Oils
Oil Painting
Friday Action Art III
Paint, Pastels, Spray Bottles
Vala Dramatic Adventures

Knight's Templar

Monday Legendary China
Nine Tripod Cauldrons
Tuesday Age of the Buccaneers
Escape from Maracaibo
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
The Verdigris Lantern of Faith
Thursday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Gates of Dawn
Friday The World of Oliver Twist
Fatal Consequences

Week Four
Creative Catalyst

Ceramic creations in Creative Catalyst!

Monday Sculptural Calligraphy
Tuesday Introduction to Etching
Wednesday Animal Masks
Paper, Card, & Paper Mache
Friday Action Art IV
Remote Controlled Dinosaurs
Vala Dramatic Adventures


Monday Fall of the Aztecs
The Fall of Tenochtitlan
Tuesday Arena 9000
Awaken Andromeda
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
Versus the Babiron Avengers
Friday Time Bandits
Raiders of the Not-Yet-Lost Ark

Xmas Elf Workshops

Did you know School breaks up one week before Christmas?

the-scream Edvard Munch
I didn’t know!

Never Fear, the Xmas Elf Workshops are here! For one week children can come along for individual days (or the entire week) and have an excellent time making lovely handmade gifts like candles and beeswax wrappers, potato stamped gift wrap, jewellery, carvings and more as well as experience the joy of packaging gifts and engaging in some fun seasonal character play. I hear Santa is going to need his helpers more than ever this Christmas as some strange little people from outer space have infiltrated the elf workshops.

With all meals provided by the amazing Ruth of Scrumpers’ Garden we will also do some Christmas cooking each day to take home from decorated biscuits to sweet treats and traditional breads.

Christmas Elves Workshop

In the spirit of goodwill the 20% discount offered on holiday bookings made at our Open Day will also apply to Christmas Elves Workshops.

Thanks for an excellent Spring Program!

Thanks everyone for making our Spring Program a roaring success. From the lovely Nesting to creepy Haunted House Dioramas, from the interplay of the Aztecs in Moctezuma & Cortes, to the weird and mysterious Phobos Effect, we’ve had some great times.AeoncademyAeoncademyThis Tuesday and Wednesday we got to try out some of our stalwart team as they stepped up to run the show in Vala, with George, Enki and Max seizing the chance to shine – and shine they did, making Florence Falls and our new Dawnsaga Fantasy story The Triangulation Effect  both astounding successes in storytelling.Aeoncademy

We’d love to invite submissions of stories from any one of our participants as an entry to The Vala Writer’s Prize! We’re on the look out for any participant’s writing efforts in this exciting extension to the Vala program.

In Creative Catalyst, we’ve doubled down on creativity with some of our coolest artworks yet. To start we roared in with Masks of the World, staring humanity’s obsessions with masks straight in the face. Aeoncademy AeoncademyAeoncademy

We’ve been doing some great sculptural workshops this week to follow on, with Cat Animalia,  Whirligigs (& Kinetic Sculpture), and some spooky scenes with Haunted House Dioramas. 


Our Sparks have been having a wild time, especially as the sun has started to shine and the springtime storms clear. From a spiderweb playspace to designing a dance inspired by the people of the Eora, indigenous Australians from around the Sydney-town settlements as the convicts arrived, as well as getting all into their Kinetically Sculptural creations in their Art experience.


Remember, the After School Classes kick off with our smorgasboard of activities in week one, and your bookings roll over from term-to-term, so get in touch if you’re changing your booking, or to book anew!

Thank you all so much for this fantastic program.

Thank you for the Winter Program!

Thank you thank you thank you all for a brilliant Holiday Program! We went from excellent to amazing, kept warm in winter (despite the snow) and sunk our hands into some fantastic creative programs. From Wired to Winter Drawing, Aztec Dusk to the Age of the Buccaneers, we’ve managed to move all over the world and throughout space and time, and we’re rolling off from the program straight into our awesome after-school classes.


In Creative Catalyst we’re especially proud of Terrariums, those fantastic living worlds-in-glass. Layering stone and soil over shells and shapes, we saw some participants reverse the paleontological process and bury skeletons, others got involved in sky-writing on the glass, or Rainbow-serpent-esque coils circling the piece.


In Skulls and Bones we got into some seriously cool explorations of form. From exuberant day of the dead skulls to bowls carved from what looked like ribcages.

Skulls & Bones

We explored shapes that were inspired by skeletal remains and those sun-bleached skulls of the desert. We got to get our hands on some serious artistic inspiration for the project, too, in this magnificent  sculptural class.

Bones & Skulls

Meanwhile in Vala, our crowd favourites were The Realm of The Raven, the absolutely amazing conclusion to our many-cycle epic tale Elf-Towers of Dawn. All across the Realm our noble (and ignoble) adventurers have traveled, quested, fought monsters, won over taverns with their wit, toppled political campaigns, carried out wyrd rituals, and so much more. Of special note was our fabulous monster-feature of The Mighty Twin-headed Ettin.

The Realm of the Raven

Also in the realm of exciting stories, the origin of Professor Martin was – for the first time – revealed in the Time Bandit’s zany Night in the British Museum. Evading the gendarmerie and school-children alike, the Time Bandit’s’ story started getting out of hand when creatures and fixtures of the Museum started coming to life. Jade Dragons, Minotaurs, miniature Napoleons, and much much more all clashing with calamity as the Time Bandits struggled to recover the map of all time and space before it was lost to the great evil one, or simply to some calamity or another.Time Bandits - A Night at the Museum

When the weather got blue, what were the Sparks to do? They transformed their room into pirate ships, castles, little houses all in a row, and marketplaces, and more. The opportunity arose to venture out beyond, to the Vala and Catalyst rooms, where they encountered opportunities to become riots, pirates, tribal people from around the world, school children, and creatures of the forest. Not to mention getting to use wire, clay, living plants, watercolours and recycled materials, to make individual projects.

Creative Catalyst – Winter Program

Soup Kitchen Ceramics- Monday 4th July.

Soup Kitchen Ceramics

A ceramics workshop especially for winter. Explore hand-building techniques like coiling, slab building & mould work. Produce some functional ware & glaze it raw with stencils and brush work.

Winter Drawing – Tuesday 5th July.

Winter Drawing

Enjoy the winter light as we go on an outside walk to collect branches, feathers, pinecones & more. Set up your own still life and have a go with charcoal, pastels, pencils, graphite & other more unusual drawing materials…

Hibernating Animalia- Wednesday 6th July.

Hibernating Animalia

From bears to long-necked turtles, many creatures hide during the coldest part of the year. Bring them to life in this ceramic modelling class. You will learn techniques that will help you make sculptural forms of various critters in their hiding places.

Staff of Power!- Thursday 7th July.

Staff of Power

Following in the tradition of famous magic users (Harry Potter, Hermione, Gandalf, Merlin, The White Witch etc) be the owner of an individual Staff of Power! We will go for a walk in the forest and find the right stick to start your staff. Back in the art workshop, you will design and then construct (from mixed materials) an original staff topper. Think dragon eyes, vine wrapped crystals, feathery owls, jewel encrusted toads. Take your staff home for your next fancy dress party!

Spanish Tiles- Friday 8th July.

Spanish Tiles

This workshop will be an opportunity to both create your own original ceramic tiles and/or glaze pre-fired terracotta tiles with intricate designs. Tiles have an ancient and widespread history which we will investigate before starting our designs.

Bones and Skulls- Monday 11th July.

Skulls & Bones

Bleached and bare, this is a sculpture workshop using clay. Be inspired by the curves and negative spaces of bones and produce an artwork in response. It might be the rib-like hull of a boat, a Viking chalice or something very abstract. All work will be fired in the kiln.

Miniature Magic- Tuesday 12th July.

Miniature Magic

From The Borrowers to Alice in Wonderland we have always been fascinated with smaller scale models of real life objects. Choose from a huge range of materials (eg: acorn caps, pebbles corks, air drying clay, wire, feathers…) to construct details of your tiny world, like cooking pots, furniture, pets, vehicles etc. This workshop combines well with Terrariums.

Wired- Wednesday 13th July.


A wire & metal sculpture workshop. Warm up with continuous line drawing and then try your hand at bending, twisting and shaping wire into form. A great way to create action figures like athletes, dancers and leaping horses suspended in motion.

Little Shrines- Thursday 14th July.

Little Shrines

Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Investigate different motifs, shapes and symbols and produce a little shrine of your own. Dedicate it to your own pet, favorite place or loved one.

Terrariums-Friday 15th July

Build a world in a glass! Design and construct a miniature garden scene using large glass goblets, earth, pebbles, found objects and plants. Make miniature people, animals or objects to live in your tiny world. This workshop combines well with Miniature Magic.


Warming up Winter at Aeoncademy

Our winter program is really heating up. Don’t delay — call today.

The Winter Program

The super Soup Kitchen Ceramics, a Creative Catalyst workshop is designed around hand-building bowls and spoons from clay — this super practical workshop will send participants home (after the open day) with usable ceramic crockery!


Meanwhile, The Genoan General promises to throw Vala participants into a world of intrigue and plot in and around Genoa, Padua and to Fair Verona where we lay our scene. Ancient grudges break to new mutiny in this complex historical political thriller.

Our Sparks are all getting excited about Miniature Magic‘s Art interaction, and especially for A Night at The British Museum’s Dramatic Make Believe, which promises to be a little spooky, a little kooky, and a lot of fun.

Teffany — our intrepid director and leader of the Catalyst crew — is returning from Barcelona to take some of her favourite workshops — and to introduce Spanish Tiles to our collection.  Spanish Tiles is all about complex, hand—painted and decorated tiles with intricate patterns inspired by Majolica and other glaze traditions. See what else she’s been up to here and here.

Mosaic in the moonlight
Mosaic in the moonlight

But there are so many classes — From Winter Drawing to Terrariums, from Legendary China to the First of the Bushrangers, and with everything in between. We’re super excited to run these holidays.

Now it would take another whole post each to do our workshops any justice in description — so give the office a call on 6142 3268 and we’ll talk you through them!