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Aeoncademy’s Specialist Creative Programs – Nurturing the Creative Spark

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Coming up in the Early Years program


As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Sparks!

Like always, we’ll be drawing inspiration and activities from what’s going on in the rest of the centre with Catalyst and Vala to explore a breathtaking range of exciting activities

Drawing inspiration from Vala, we’ll be getting into character as animals, playing ball games, getting spooked up for Halloween, having our own go at some Spark-safe “boffering”, playing dress-up.

Drawing inspiration from Catalyst, we’ll be exploring paper mache, making pinch pots, decorating Halloween lanterns, working on Egyptian drawings, assembling animal collages, and creating our own mummy!

And we’ll have some unique activities of our own, too: playing with spinning tops and ribbon toys, baking carrot cake muffins, having a great time on Music Monday, and even constructing a MEGA CUBBY!

Coming up in the Creative Play program

As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead!

In Week 2 we’ll be building teepees from make-do materials, making bread from scratch, playing with clay and card games, and painting with watercolours in the garden!

In Week 3 we’ll be recycling plastic bottles into flowers, drawing with chalk, mucking around with clay, and playing some team and Halloween-themed games!

In Week 4 we’ll be painting in the garden again, learning to hula loop, playing with clay and card games, and baking some delicious cheese straws!

In Week 5 we’ll be playing costumes, learning the ancient Viking game of Cubb, making knights shields, painting outdoors, and weaving god’s eyes.

In Week 6 we’ll be baking ANZAC biscuits, making banners for the 15th Birthday, playing with makedo go-cart, drawing outside with chalk, and constructing a makedo castle!

Coming up in the Kitchen-Garden program

As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Cornucopia!

We’ll be heading out into the fresh air and getting our hands dirty in the garden. Spring is sprung and so there’s plenty to do: watering, mulching, harvesting crops from autumn, planting new crops that’ll be ready by the end of term and others that won’t be ready until autumn.

We’ll also be getting into the kitchen and making some delicious stuff.

In Week 3 we’ll be learning to knead dough, pick herbs from the garden, and make delicious classic pizzas!

In Week 4 we’ll be learning about seasonality by making a beautiful fruit salad out of fresh, seasonal produce. We’ll also be shaking up milk into cream!

In Week 6 we’ll be helping prepare for the 15th Birthday Open Day by making, stuffing, and rolling traditional Greek dolmades!

Coming up in the Dramatic Adventures program

As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Vala!

On Monday we’ll be joining up with the Roman Legion and marching past Hadrian’s Wall where the rebel Picts roam. I hope our students manage to collect the taxes safely!

On Tuesday we’re bringing our hugely-popular Boffer Weapon Masterclass to after-school. We’ll spend the term exploring a historical warrior culture: the Samurai!

On Wednesday we’ll be back in the Old Stone Age as bad omens and wild animals threaten the Tribe of the Cave Bear.

On Thursday we’ll follow our Greek Heroes into the Lands of the Dead and battle with monsters on their way home to Ithaka.

And then we’ll spend Weeks 5 & 6 training our sword skills to get ready for the 15th Birthday Open Day Vala Tournament, hoping to win some prizes!

Coming up in the Visual Arts program

As we wrap up the Spring Holiday Program, we’re looking forward to a jam-packed term ahead in Catalyst!

On Monday, our Mixed Materials class will be putting recycling into practice turning old bottles into incredible spinning whirlygigs!

On Tuesday, our Ceramics & Mixed Materials class will be getting their hands messy as they breathe paper mache life into old newspaper!

On Wednesday, our Painting & Drawing class will be inspired by the Animal Panels past students made for the Canberra Show and make some of their very own!

On Thursday, our Ceramics class will travel back to Ancient Egypt, making and decorating clay pots and jars for purposes both funereal and everyday!

And of course, all students will enjoy our Halloween detour in Week 3, our excursions to Teffany’s home gallery and exhibition in Week 5, and our group project for the 15th Birthday Open Day in Week 6!

Excursions to Hearth

It’s that time of year again: spring is sprung and the sun is back out, students are gearing up for Term 4 and the end of the year, and our Artistic Director Teffany Thiedeman is putting the final touches on her upcoming exhibition, Integument.

children inside the art studio Hearth

Integument explores stories and myths of humans becoming animals and animals becoming humans and the ways that our skins both contain and define us through ceramic figures rich with the textural marks of fur, feather and scales.

As has become an Aeon Academy custom, Creative Catalyst students will have the opportunity to go on excursion to Teffany’s home gallery, Hearth, during the week the exhibition runs (12th – 15th November).

mosaiced sign of Hearth

They will get the chance to have a look at the work and get to see the kiln, the workshop, the garden and beehives, the chooks and bunnies and Bandit the ancient dog. They will also have the opportunity to help finish a community art project,  or maybe just soak it all up and have some bunny therapy.

exploring the back garden

Hearth is a living, growing space that incorporates plants, an edible garden, beehives, chickens and rabbits and a clay wood fired pizza oven. It presents an unprecedented opportunity for Aeon Academy students to experience a working studio and experience art outside an institution, and allows them them to share in Teffany’s inspirations.

Aeon Academy Scholarships are now open

…and we need your help to nominate candidates!

As our transition to a Not-For-Profit social enterprise quietly rumbles on in the background, we’ve been preparing to broaden the scholarship opportunities we offer and help connect Aeon Academy with a wider range of kids than ever before.


We are delighted that at the 15th Birthday Open Day we will be announcing FIVE scholarships:

  • Two (2) for primary-school students from grades 3 – 6, one for Catalyst and one for Vala in Term 1 next year.
  • One (1) for a preschool or Montessori student for our Sparks Early Years program in Term 1 next year.
  • Two (2) for high-school students from Alfred Deakin High School, one for Catalyst and one for Vala, for the upcoming Summer Holiday Program.

But (and this is where you all come in) we need your help figuring out who to give them to!

So if you know any children with a bright creative spark and a passion for visual arts, history & mythology, and playfulness who you think would benefit from our amazing programs, drop us a line at to nominate them.

New Sparks Early Years Program

As you’ll have seen in our recent newsletters and on our website, Aeon Academy is going through some changes at the moment.

From Term 4 our much loved Sparks program will look a little different, while staying true to our goal of ‘Nurturing the Creative Spark’ in our youngest students.


Following the success of our Mini-Sparks trial, and in response to parental requests the age threshold for Sparks is being lowered to 3. We’re refocusing Sparks (now Sparks Early Years) on our 3 and 4 year olds, with their own program formulated in line with their developmental needs.

To increase their sense of participation and inclusion in the broader centre and open up new opportunities for peer mentorship and play, starting next term most of the former Sparks (our 5 and 6 year olds) will be moving up into our increasingly popular Creative Play program.

If you feel like your 5 or 6 year old would still benefit from the structure and greater level of one-on-one attention in Sparks Early Years, or that your 6 year old is ready to move up into one of our specialised programs, please feel free to get in contact with our office as we will make every effort to adjust to your needs.

Mission to the Britons

This adventure is set at a time when the power of the Roman Empire was maintained by it’s Legions, a tightly-disciplined force that recruited men from all over the provinces of the Empire.

In this module we join the legions as they have become accustomed to their duties at Brocolitia and along Hadrian’s Wall and are sent into the unfamiliar territory of the North on a diplomatic mission. Assigned as bodyguards to a superior officer they must safeguard him on his journey to the Selgovae, a tribe of allied Britons, to collect the annual tribute. But on their arrival among the Selgovae they discover that a Pictish envoy has already been welcomed and seeks nothing but to stir up trouble for Rome and must protect each other and succeed despite Pictish interference in this Mission to the Britons.

Totem Troubles

This Vala Module is set during the Paleolithic period where we join our tribe in facing dangers of a different kind…

Just before the last Ice Age, tribes of early humans learned and thrived amidst fierce weather, dangerous surroundings, and fellow clans with very different beliefs and ways. During the time of sun-return and the melting of the winter snows, the Tribe of the Cave Bear slowly wake from their near-hibernation and resume their springtime hunting and gathering. All in their world is in its rightful place during this fruitful season until the brutal attack of a savage creature confronts them with unforeseen spiritual dangers and Totem Troubles.