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Art workshops celebrating the versatility and beauty of clay. Carved, sculpted, hand built, coiled, slab built, pinch pots and more with surface decoration in slip, glaze, sgraffito, inlay and underglaze.

Avian Animalia

Our city is lucky to be home to many different species of birds, from raucous cockatoos, to colourful parrots and tiny, gem like wrens, birds can be seen everywhere and will be our inspiration for this ceramic workshop.

Superb Fairy-Wren

We will also look at birds from around the world and marvel at their diversity and beauty. Birds are used as symbols of freedom, peace and splendour on flags, shields, buildings and clothes. Work with your handbuilding skills and celebrate everything Avian  in this sculpture workshop.

Adélie Penguin

World Masks – Ceramics

Take a look at Masks from all over the World. Sketch and design your mask and then make a small model- is it Friend or Foe? Has it got horns, teeth, scars, scales or fur? This ceramic workshop utilises sculptural and functional ceramic techniques like coiling, slab building, carving and stamping.

Masks have been inspiring artists forever and many have exaggerated features which can make them quite scary to look at. Huge eyes, mouths and teeth. What features and techniques do you want to use to create your own amazing mask?

Masks of the World
Sri Lankan Demon Mask



Ochre’s Elf Tower

Time for high fantasy as we explore the realms inhabited by Elf Towers! Ever since Tolkien elves have been recognised as magical and wise entities with a close affinity for the natural world. Long lived and appreciative of fine craftsmanship, imagine what kind of towers they would build…

In this ceramic workshop we will explore hand building techniques combined with stamping and melted marble glass to create beautiful models of our imagined elf towers.

Pixie’s Tea Party – Ceramics

Imagine a miniature tea set, painted in blue and white, perfect for tiny people to use.  You could set up a party on a small table under a giant tree and invite all the pixies, fairies, and goblins you know. At last, you’ll have the right tableware to hold a Pixies tea party!!

Miniature tea set

Explore the pleasures and skills involved in working clay on a micro scale. Here anything is possible – make a magical set of ceramic goblets, tea cups or jugs. Then add all the whimsical elements and flourishes befitting the Fae Folk. Finally finish your mini domestic ware with some surface decoration in colour and line work using ceramic underglazes.

Animal Planters – Ceramics

Growing plants is fun! Especially in a unique Animal Planter. Use the plant to look like hair, fur or a tree sprouting right out of the back of a beastie.

Ceramic Whale Planter spouting a plant!

We’ll think about animal shapes that would work well to grow a plant in. Some animal bodies will definitely work better than others! You need sturdy legs (or no legs like a whale) and no thin whiskery fragile bits sticking out waiting to get snapped off. We’ll take a look at simplified streamlined shapes like Inuit carvings for inspiration.

Learn to hand build using beautiful clay, different ceramic techniques and some colourful finishes.

Viking Ships

Viking longboats, Celtic coracles, Aboriginal ‘nawi’ canoes and Inuit kayaks are all inspiration for this workshop. Sail away from pots and turn your hands to the time honoured craft of sea faring vessels.

Viking Ships
Viking Longboat 800CE Oslo Museum

Embark on this sculptural, hand-building, Ceramics workshop using slabs, coils and carving techniques to build a unique watercraft that incorporates figurative, surface decoration and armoury elements.

Viking Ships

Add a figurehead, a mast, some oars or shields to your ship then bring it to life with coloured underglazes and sgraffito line work. Pieces will be fired with a final clear glaze layer.

Viking Ships

Dinner on a Plate

Don’t play with your food! Unless you make it yourself…What do you want to make for dinner? Spag bol? Brussel Sprouts and chips? Chicken curry and rice? Build and fire your own clay creations onto ceramic plates to make a delicious permanent dinner.

We are going to use texture, shape and colour to recreate our favourite foods out of clay. 


Avian Animalia

Avian Animalia
Egyptian Falcon God Horus

A celebration of our magnificent feathered friends this ceramics workshop explores the many forms birdlife can take – from small, sweet songbirds to fast, fierce and fabulous falcons. Inspired by the beauty of birds students will learn techniques to build their forms and express their grace.

Avian Animalia
‘Bird in Space’ 1928 Constantin Brancusi

We will look at examples of bird sculptures across cultures and time and be inspired by the beautifully detailed work of ornithological illustrators. Participants will then choose an ave to focus on and begin sculpting it in white,  earthenware clay.

Avian Animalia
John James Audubon – Carolina Parrot

Starting with little models to work out scale, shape and possible textures for surface treatment the class will then learn larger, hand building construction techniques to build their chosen bird/s. These figures will be glazed minimally to highlight major features and then be fired in a kiln.

Spring Alcoves

Alcove, niche or shrine. These concepts are the inspiration for a handbuilding ceramic workshop that incorporates modelling, installation and structure building. Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto as well as secular settings like War Memorials, places of natural beauty and even Pooh Corner on the Clyde!

Spring Alcoves
Iranian Silk Rug

Investigate different motifs, shapes and symbols and produce a little shrine of your own. Get ready for the change in seasons by focussing on natural features like plants, stones, water and animals.

Spring Alcoves
Madonna and Child Medieval Europe

Learn and hone clay building techniques using coils, slabs and carving, then decorate your structure using stamp work, fine coil relief and figure sculpting. Finish your alcove with painted underglazes and some gold glaze highlights.


Towers of Power

Rome wasn’t built in an hour, come spend the day on towers of power! Monumental structures from around the world have wowed us with their grandeur. They’ve been the inspiration for famous stories such King Arthur and Camelot, Harry and Hogwarts, the minarets of Persia in Arabian Nights and Elf Towers of Dawn.

Have a taste of architecture, design and sculpture in this ceramic workshop. Practise and develop hand building skills like coiling, slab building, carving and modelling. There will also be time to glaze the towers if desired.