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A creative Artist led space for teenagers wanting to explore their own creative expression interests across a range of visual art media in a communal and supportive context.

Return of Teenage Art Club

Painting a timeless scene

One of the unique qualities of Aeoncademy is the diverse age range of our students. From age four to young adults. Over time students come and go, juggling family timetables, sporting commitments and later on assessment pressures. We have discovered many teenagers like to return to art classes (or start up) for relaxation, fun and the love of creation with no pressure.

In the past our Teenage collective has helped with community art projects like murals and painting collection bins. These events are randomly distributed throughout the term with plenty of time for participants to develop their individual projects whether for school projects or personal development.

fun times with hand building

The class is lead by Teffany Thiedeman, who will help guide participants in the use of tools, materials and the techniques to succeed in their projects. Past art activities include henna tattoos, stencil designs for t-shirts, oil painting, ceramic sculpture and spray painting.

The class is run on a Thursday afternoon 4- 5.30 and can be attended on a casual basis or as a term commitment.  It will suit anyone 13 years and up who enjoys working on a self directed project , under their own steam with time for experimentation and skill development.

Did you know that you are entitled to receive the child care rebate for your teenager attending our classes? Foster their art abilities, independence and self esteem with Teenage Art Club!

Independent Projects

Every holiday period we have older and advanced students participating in our program by developing independent projects. They come along  for the sheer joy of working on a big project intensively, over an extended length of time and with access to  the very well equipped  art studio  and the technical skills of the  Facilitators. Of course many children come during the term too but older students and teenagers often have a lot on their plate, a couple of days over the holidays can be just the right amount of time to relight a creative flame. We have helped with massive mosaics, original latex masks and costumes, stop motion productions and incredible dioramas. There probably isn’t a creative project we would baulk at. Try us!

A large ceramic totem pole made collaboratively with two brothers
An totem pole stands guard
A shimmering and scaly, horned dragon head sits in the lap of the artist
The Dragon Maker
A plastic seat becomes a throne.
A work in progress, be amazed as an ordinary garden seat is transformed into a magnificent throne.

Costume and Special Effects

Older students come up with their own projects and are given free reign with materials and tools. They frequently create surprising outcomes and well resolved objects when they are able to  work on extended projects over a term or more.  The Teenage Art Club is a casual group of students interested in art who come together to get involved in community art projects and sporadic art events.

an original mask made of paper pulp and lenses, fringed with a black feather boa

an original mask made of paper pulp and lenses, fringed with a black feather boa
an original mask made of paper pulp and lenses, fringed with a black feather boa