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They Came From the Stars

Set sail with great adventurers around the turn of the century as great – and not-so-great – icons go to try and claim new glory. From the southern pole of the world to the bushveldt of South Africa, follow in the footsteps of brilliant scientists, egomaniacal explorers, and shifty soldiers when the Earth is – unexpectedly – invaded.

They Came from the Stars

In the They Came From The Stars set of adventures, Vala Games explores what it was like to be out and about at the end of the 19th century in a story inspired by the thrillers of Verne and Welles, exploring astronomy, chemistry and zoology, alongside courage, the spirit of adventure and tough ethical dilemmas.

Dawn of a New Horizon

Join the rag-tag crew of a ne’er-do-wells in the near future and experience life in a brave new world as overpopulation, climate change, and pollution all come to a head on Planet Earth. As over-reacting governments infringe on civil liberty, opportunities abound for enterprising smugglers, thieves, hackers, and other hangers-on. From near-earth orbit to the Moon, from Mars to Mercury, adventure all around the Solar System and see what can be done when you aim to misbehave.
Dawn of a New Horizon


    1. Fly Me To The Moon
    2. Heist on Space Station Sierra
    3. The Phobos Effect
    4. The Warp Experiment
    5. The Impossible City
    6. The Gates of Dawn

In Dawn of a New Horizon, Vala explores the fascinating spheres of geography, economics, and astronomical science from the perspective of a group of smugglers on the fringes of society. This set of adventures focuses in on how decisions that make history have immediate impacts on people in the moment, helping make real the abstract descriptions given in the social sciences, all while teaching knowledge of our Solar System, space travel, and skills of self-reliance, teamwork, tenacity and resilience, even when the odds of failure are sky-high.

Fly Me to the Moon

It’s the Dawn of a New Horizon: The year is 2123. The world ended, the world that was. Temporary Emergency Power has become permanent and the Security Council work together to form a totalitarian government. Cronyism is writ large as the wealthy and influential all get themselves off a crippled Earth and on board luxury offworld resorts. Today, Moon-Sphere Zulu – a job, a contract. Deliver prohibited cocoa beans and cured meats to the depths of a moon base watched over with the best security totalitarianism can buy.

Work together to keep a low profile, bargain hard for the best deal, and make it off the rock as today you’re going to Fly Me To The Moon.

Heist on Space Station Sierra

The Story Begins – On Earth, population has grown enough to choke all arable land, pollution is at an all-time high, blotting out most mornings with smog thick enough to walk on. The affluent have begun moving offworld, living in space-stations as a stepping stone to colonising the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.

Follow a group of the have-nots, desperate to make a rise in the world, who look to the shining satellites above as a golden opportunity. Jump aboard the space-elevator for this high octane caper through the stars!

The Phobos Effect

Following the events of Moon Sphere Zulu, our intrepid crew are in need of another job. A call comes in through the usual channels requesting a ‘special’ delivery to the mining operations on Mars, and so begins our next adventure.Dawn of a New Horizon

The delivery is going smoothly, until a brief communication about a problem in the mines comes in, then cuts off. When the crew investigate, they slowly start to suffer – one by one – from the oncoming dread of The Phobos Effect.

The Warp Experiment

Another Day another Dollar for our intrepid crew of renegades. Today’s job is crime, good and old fashioned. Work together to problem solve the ins and outs of breaking into a research station in the Asteroid Belt; where Faster-Than-Light travel is being perfected. And don’t forget to steal their prototype device!

Daring, derring-do, and the occasional derring-don’t all come together at the Dawn of a New Horizon of space travel, as the crew leap aboard the research station for this mission. Just hope they don’t become new test subjects of The Warp Experiment.

The Impossible City

Something has gone terribly wrong with the Warp Drive as our intrepid and inexperienced crew have gotten themselves lost in a part of the universe that simply can’t be real.

Join the adventurers as they try and find their way around and through The Impossible City, while the residents start to become aware of their guests…

The Gates of Dawn