Our Philosophy

The Aeoncademy Philosophy

Aeoncademy’s Philosophy is that All Children are Innately Gifted and Talented.

We call this ‘the Creative Spark’, and believe in nurturing it through creative experience that melds facilitated engagement in a broad range of arts, playfulness, space for the imagination, and compassion.

Education and Enrichment of Life are natural outcomes- through Creativity.

Creativity and nurturance itself begins and ends with families, and Aeoncademy sees itself as being privileged to become a part of children’s lives.

This is all best undertaken in the context of a small, unique centre, where the program developers and facilitators are University educated, and all team-members are like a co-operative family and are highly prized and rewarded for their efforts.

Small and unique are beautiful; contributing to the strengths, through diversity, of our culture and society.

In light of a rapidly changing world Aeoncademy seeks to Nurture the Creative Spark by developing and facilitating its programs with the needs of creative thinking and skills, imaginative problem solving and adaptability clearly in mind.