Code of Conduct

Aeoncademy workers are a team.

We all work together to achieve our mutual goal of nurturing the creative spark.

Our team is well organised and recognises and respects seniority of experience and qualification for leadership within its membership. We use job titles such as Creative Director and Facilitator to reflect these conditions. Aeoncademy regularly organises formal and informal meetings, gatherings, Open Days, and residential team Intensives. Team members are expected to participate to the very best of their ability.

Aeoncademy team members need to be in accord with Aeoncademy’s philosophy;

All Children are Innately Gifted and Talented.

We call this ‘the Creative Spark’, and believe in nurturing it through creative experience that melds facilitated engagement in a broad range of arts, playfulness, space for the imagination, and compassion.

Education and Enrichment of Life are natural outcomes- through Creativity.

Creativity and nurturance itself begins and ends with families, and Aeoncademy sees itself as being privileged to become a part of children’s lives.

This is all best undertaken in the context of a small, unique centre, where the program developers and facilitators are University educated and all team-members are like a co-operative family and are highly prized and rewarded for their efforts.

Small and unique are beautiful; contributing to the strengths, through diversity, of our culture and society.

In light of a rapidly changing world, Aeoncademy seeks to Nurture the Creative Spark by developing and facilitating its programs with the needs of creative thinking and skills, imaginative problem solving and adaptability clearly in mind.

Our Team members  enthusiastically facilitate, assist and support the facilitation of and engagement in positive creative experience and expression. They explain and guide, assist and support the use of particular techniques and methods employed in our programs. Team members engage and encourage  the faculties of imagination and playfulness.  They exercise respect, co-operation, care and compassion in relation to children and fellow workers. Team members understand and impart a sense of the fact that participation in Aeoncademy is a wonderful opportunity for education and enrichment. They  expect respectfulness in general, and the attentiveness of children to instructions especially in relation to particular techniques and methods which are programmed. They understand that behaviour contrary to these expectations is detrimental to the experience, and possibly safety, of children, as well as other team members. They have learned the strategies imparted to them during induction and training for dealing with such contrary behaviour, and are ready to exercise them. Team members  understand and respect the physical, mental and emotional diversity of individuals.

As a team we are able to identify a level of extra care and effort required to engage some children at which point the service needs to assist families to provide that extra care and effort.