Autumn of Youth: Creativity for Teenagers and Young Adults

Holiday Program


Who got involved in our massive Autumn Program. Our blockbuster program has had us moving from strength to strength with our classic blend of Visual Art, Dramatic Adventure, and Creative Play. We’ve told stories of Ancient Chinese warrior-monks, and of Far Future Smugglers, made art as small as button-badges, and as large as the wall of our Art room, and amongst all that our Sparks have learned massive swathes of new ways to interact with creativity!

As a result of the awesome attendance and engagement this program, Aeoncademy has been able to offer some of our fantastic senior students bigger and better opportunities to develop their skills in artistic and creative practice, as well as some excellent work experience offered to  people who have come up through our ranks of students to join the team.

Aeoncademy has always maintained a serious commitment to extension learning for young people as they come up through the ranks of Aeoncademy, with Vala’s Veteran’s & Training Programme, and Creative Catalyst’s Teenage Art Club, both designed to help train children as they grow into young adults, helping encourage larger and more complex artworks and storytelling techniques.

Coming up through the ranks

Work Experience!

Every child is born an artist, the trouble is staying an artist as you grow up. — Pablo Picasso

Aeoncademy provides increased mentoring and tuition to students as they start to grow up — as the pressures of adolescence start to encourage children to abandon creative play and practice, Aeoncademy steps in to provide a proven guiding network of peers and role models to help them keep their creative spark, well into their teenage years and onwards through to adulthood.

For those students who are dedicated, passionate, and serious about Nurturing the Creative Spark, as they grow older there even open up employment opportunities, helping start these young adults on a path of successful, enjoyable, and fulfilling creative careers.

Today, for example, of all our staff on the floor, eight in eleven have graduated from Aeoncademy, another was a member of our Work Experience program, and one was a founder of the organisation, leaving us with 90 percent of our staff being brought up through the service! We’re super keen to see where we go to next.