Awesome developments of the team at Aeoncademy

Aeoncademy’s longstanding commitment to Nurture the Creative Spark has always extended to older students preparing themselves for greater responsibilities, for bigger and better things.  Whether they’re readying themselves for further study, getting real-world experience in the arts, or broadening their horizons through Creative Education more entirely.

Autumn Of Youth

Most of our team at Aeoncademy today are people who grew up in the service and stuck around, like Andrew’s Story tells. Luke, Isabelle, Ochre, Dieter are all facilitators who grew up with the service and have been a part of the student body from a very young age.

A fearsome labyrinth
A fearsome labyrinth complete with Minotaur – with artist (and now worker) Rania.

Alex, Rania and Ella are all assistants who found some of their earliest employment with Aeoncademy as well. We’ve had our students come through for Work Experience,  training, and both personal and professional development throughout their lives and careers.

And so during the Spring Program the latest push to introduce some of the graduands of the program, George, Enki, and Max, to experience in the arts and education sector.

Enki, George, and Max get rolling
Enki, George, and Max get rolling

To begin with, this team of youngsters have been writing our fantastic Vala story The Young Mutant Chronicles, and debuting with The Triangulation Effect: A story about the birth of the superhero phenomenon in the Sea of Babiro – in our Fantastical world – the Dawnsaga fantasy.

Following on from their success, with the absolutely awesome module that’s unfolding before our very eyes today, we’ve given them a shot at being our ‘DM’s’ – Vala’s brand of Facilitator.

George joining the Team at Aeoncademy

George got started facilitating Florence Falls – a very technically challenging story all about the power struggle between city states at the height of the Renaissance.

George gives the orders
George gives the orders

George, 16, has been attending Vala since he was 9 years old in the Generation One of the ‘Vala Club’. Pushing Luke to the limits of his DM-ing ability with his wise (almost story-breaking wise) input as a bear-tribe elder in our Hiburn Steppes Dawnsaga Fantasy story.

Under Andrew’s guidance, George seized the reins and guided the story throughout the day with aplomb.

Max & Enki joining the Team at Aeoncademy

Enki,and Max, both 18, are both older and more experienced in Aeoncademy’s unique brand of Education through Creativity.

Enki got his start at age 5 with the earliest prototypes of the Vala program – Valhalla Club. Enki has been with us all the way through our development.

Enki carefully adjudicates
Enki carefully adjudicates

Max, meanwhile, has been attending Aeoncademy since he was 12, beginning as a Creative Catalyst student. Over time, he’s started specialising into Vala. With such a breadth of experience inside Aeoncademy, Max has used his foundation of Education through Creativity to inspire him into Education more broadly, and he’s started a Bachelor of Education this year.

Max Masters the Microphone at Aeoncademy
Max Masters the Microphone as he Joins the Team  at Aeoncademy

Together, Enki and Max have been co-facilitating The Triangulation Effect under Mathew’s guidance, and have been bringing the weird world of the Sea of Babiro to life throughout the day.

It’s been fantastic watching these guys take on the serious responsibility of Facilitatorship, and we can’t wait to see how their progress continues into the future.