Isabelle Mackay-Sim has been making  strides into her artistic career and we were all very happy to attend the opening of Divergence  at Form Studio and Gallery on Friday 6th May.

Isabelle Mackay-Sim has the longest tenure of any student at Aeoncademy and now facilitates the Wednesday drawing and painting class.

After  graduating the ANU’s School of Art, Isabelle has been busy establishing her emerging art practice.

Divergence includes her latest body of work and develps on themes explored in her last show. All the works in the show are made of clay and very diverse! Go have a look

The show runs until 23rd May http://www.formstudioandgallery.com.au


The six artists in Divergence, although all working in ceramics, use the medium in very diverse and unusual ways. What brings the work together in this exhibition is the artists’ use of divergent thinking to create engaging and unique sculptural works.

Elaine Bradley, Verney Burness, Richilde Flavell, Isabelle Mackay-Sim, Fran Romano and Lia Tajcnar invite you to this exhibition.

Works informed by biology and flora, Mackay-Sim’s work celebrate atypical relationships, and offer an example of coexistence that crosses gender boundaries. Burness replicates destruction and renewal in her dialogue with natural forces, while Tajcnar tackles metaphysical questions about the nature of perception and knowledge. Romano extends her exploration of the universal importance of ritual and remembrance and Flavell’s work is informed by our culture’s glorification of the busy through faceted installation.