We’re having a fabulous time at Aeoncademy this Summer!

Our Summer Program has been absolutely fabulous, with a whole host of fantastic activities!

In Creative Catalyst, our Paper Mache Monsters have been making a magnificent impression as we got stuck into the glue and built predators and protectors, scare-crows and the occasional scare-person! We’ve also been enjoying the marine adventure of our Underwater Dioramas and have been exploring the mighty towers of The Keep on the Borderlands.

In Vala, our fabulous Norse Warriors have been facing off against apocalyptic odds in Wolves, Woe, and War – where we saw the gigantic Fenris and Garm rampage across Asgard. We’ve also delved into some Supermutati Stories in our fantasy campaign – the Young Mutant Chronicles, and explored elements of alternate realities in Dawn of a New Horizon.

Coming up next week, we’re really excited to break out the brushes in Creative Catalyst, as we start painting Portraits in Oils – where we’ll delve into some serious skills with the paintbrush and explore techniques used by Da Vinci, ,Rubens, Monet, and Van Gough. We’ll also explore the magnificent technique of Monoprinting – inspired by artists like Gaugin and Picasso, and dozens of others.

In Vala, we’re continuing our stories into the World of Oliver Twist with some Fatal Consequences in store for the troublemakers of Fagin’s Gang. We’re also going to jump into the piratical paradise in the caribbean, where we’ll be trying to Escape from Maracaibo, and jumping into ancient myth and legend with Legendary China – the Nine Tripod Cauldrons.

Not only is our Holiday Program steaming ahead, but we’re back into our Yantra Yoga classes – Tuesdays from 6:15. You can check out more over here.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you all that we’re still taking bookings – for both the Holiday Program and After School. Get in touch with the office to lock things down!

We’re also really excited to be offering the Vala Writer’s Prize once more!