Food, Glorious Food! – Fresh, Organic, Local

Here at Aeoncademy our days and programs are fuelled by some fantastic food. Our food is not just a delight for our taste buds and tummies but also our eyes, ears and noses. We set up mealtimes so that the children have the opportunity to interact with their food, share the experience with others and participate in different processes around mealtimes from selecting what to eat and   developing conversation skills, to washing up!

The results speak for themselves:


Washing Up!
Eating Together

So, what’s our secret?

Our Local Suppliers!
We endeavour to make our food as tasty as possible by sourcing ingredients from the local area that are fresh, in season and organic if possible. A few of the suppliers who help us to achieve this include:

Hilltops Free Range Eggs

Baked goods, boiled eggs, tortillas. The excitement of finding a double yolk is never too far away with these eggs. Currently 4 in a row is the record.

Scrumpers Garden

Extraordinary Food from Scrumpers Garden
Ruth making spider pizzas and maggoty capsicums, check out that salad- ewwwww!
Last years Halloween saw Ruth making spider pizzas and maggoty capsicums, check out that salad- ewwwww!

Our Caterer is Ruth Gaha-Morris.  Ruth has been catering for our programs after school and during the holidays as well as providing a delicious array of items to nibble on at recent Open Days and the Hearth exhibition. Her business, The Scrumpers Garden creates tasty delights from the best local produce, organic ingredients, and foraged food.

Brightside Farm
Salad leaves and vegetables are a staple each day and sometimes even find their way into the art room. Turnips it turns out are can be made into very effective stamps.

Choku Bai Jo

Bringing together a range of local suppliers Choku Bai Jo has been providing us all with a daily serve of fruit and veg.

In the future we hope to provide some of our supplies from our own garden. To this end we have begun to establish garden beds where the children will have the opportunity to participate fully in the cycle of food from its journey in the garden to the plate.

Companion plants in the Garden Bed.

If you have any plants, tools, time or knowledge to spare please get in touch. Over 2017 we are hoping to  fully establish our garden beds as well as continue to build connections with local community members and local suppliers.

Get set to GROW!