Freedom of the Bush

Explore the tangled wilderness of colonial-era Tasmania and learn how convicts lived and thrived there before the harsh tyranny of Governor Arthur. Range the bush hunting for valuable kangaroo and emu, make friends and allies among the Big River Tribe of Palawa Aboriginals, party and carouse down in Hobart Town, and meet the infamous Michael Howe before the heyday of Tasmanian bushranging comes to an end.

Freedom of the Bush

In the Early Colonial Australia: Freedom of the Bush set of adventures Vala Games explores the rich bushranging tradition of Van Diemen’s land, the freedom enjoyed by convicts before the arrival of Governor Arthur, the culture and struggles of the local Palawa Aboriginals, as well as teaching skills like good judgement, teamwork, and logical thinking.


  1. The Camp
  2. The Rise of Michael Howe
  3. Governor of the Rangers
  4. Coming Soon

The Camp

Leaving the world they knew far behind and embarking on an eight-month sea voyage in cramped and miserable conditions, a group of convicts are shipped down to the bottom of the world to help establish a settlement in Tasmania.

The Camp

Following in the wake of Colonel Collins as he works to establish a British colony, the convicts search for good hunting grounds, make contact with the local Aboriginal people, build the town that will become Hobart, and investigate the secrets of the nearby Bowen settlement to consolidate the position of their town: “The Camp”.

The Rise of Michael Howe

Living wild in the forests as hunters with the permission of the British government, our group of convicts make a visit to Hobart Town to sell kangaroo meat and enjoy the charms of civilisation.

The Camp

Prices are not what they hoped for, but a chance encounter with an older convict plants the seed of an idea: establish ties with the Aboriginal people to improve their situation. Sounds simple enough, if it weren’t for the government ordering them back to town, the strange ways of the Big River Tribe, and getting caught up by bushranger history with The Rise of Michael Howe.

Governor of the Ranges

Years have passed since our group of convicts first heard the name Michael Howe, and now the legendary bushranger is the topic of conversation all over, from convict drinking-halls to the dwellings of the rich and powerful. After an attempt to fire the farm of a landowner who won’t pay his debts, the convicts have a front row seat as the legend of Michael Howe begins to collapse.

Contacted by powerful figures in search of vengeance, they find themselves drawn into an investigation to find out what really happened that fateful day to the Governor of the Ranges.

Coming Soon