Frequently Asked Questions at Aeoncademy

Q: What’s this ‘HUBWORKS’ thing you keep talking about?

A: Hubworks is a Child Care Management System program, which Aeoncademy uses to maintain Payments, Rolls, Enrolments, Schedules, and more. It is an online system designed so that Families have access to their children’s details whenever they need them. It also gives Families the power to update their details when needed.

Q: How do I Enrol?
A: Head on over to and click ‘register’ to get the form. The form is entirely electronic, and is submitted online.

Q: I’ve filled out the form, but I couldn’t find where to say what days I wanted.
A: The Hubworks form isn’t set up to receive bookings, only enrolments. So, if you have filled out the form, the next step is to contact our Office, either in person or over the phone, and make your booking.

Q: Do I have to pay upfront?
A: For Holiday Programs – Yes. Your booking is not confirmed until we’ve received payment. For After School – we need to discuss that over the phone.

Q: Can I pay over the phone?
A: Yes! We have EFTPOS facilities in the office, so we can take those payments over the phone. We can also set up direct debit payments by telephone.

Q: I’ve just paid by Credit Card over the phone. Do you keep my card details?
A: No. In the interest of security, Aeoncademy does not hang onto any card details. Usually, your details will be entered directly into the EFTPOS terminal, and not written down. If the machine is not working, and your details are written down, after the transaction has been completed, the details are destroyed.

Q: How do I get the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate?
A: If you have set up to receive CCB or CCR, then all you need to do is make sure that the correct CRNs (Customer Reference Numbers) for both the Child and the Primary Care Giver, and the Dates of Birth for the Child and the Primary Care Giver have been entered into the Hubworks form. Then, your record will ‘formalise’. Attendances by children with Formal records are automatically submitted to the Family Assistance Office to make your claim.

Q: I’ve logged into my child’s form. Why is there ‘Photo Permission: YES’ or ‘Photo Permission: NO’ written in the ‘Allergies’ box?
A: We are not yet able to include Photo Permissions as a part of the Hubworks form. So, after collecting Photo Permissions on a paper form, our office staff enter either YES or NO into the Allergies section of the form so that when we export daily details, we can easily see who we have permission to take photos of.

Q: Can I book my children in for today?
A: Yes! As long as we have space in the room, you are always welcome to send your children along. There is no fee for popping in without a booking, you just run the risk of there being no spaces for you on the day.

Q: Where is the Price Schedule?
A: It’s here!

Q: And the Fine Print?
A: It’s here!

Q: I’m running late to pick up my children. What should I do?
A: If you are able to call us and let us know, please do. We will have to charge you a ‘late pick up’ Fee, but we will make sure they are happy and safe until you arrive. If you are able to call us and let us know, please do.

Q: I’m having trouble with the Hubworks form. It says the Date of Birth is invalid, but it looks fine.
A: Sometimes, the form doesn’t like to have Dates of Birth entered into the text box. Try entering the details by clicking on the calendar icon beside the text box and selecting the day.

If you have further questions, or would like some details on our Specialised Programs, give us a call at the Office. We’ll help you as best we can.