How much does this all cost anyway?

The cost, or fee schedule for Aeoncademy is as follows.

Holiday Program Cost

Holiday Programs start at $160, at our Open Day with a 20% discount. The price rises after there to between $165 and $200. That’s before the 50% Child Care Rebate, and Child Care Benefit does also apply.

After School Cost

After School classes are a little more complicated, so bear with us.

Creative Play is our foundation program for all children 5 years + and runs from 3-6 pm for $330 per term per day. Everyday you may opt in to a term of one of our fabulous Specialised Classes (Vala, Creative Catalyst, Sparks, Cornucopia) for an extra cost between 4 and 5.30pm

When you book in for a whole term of Specialised Classes, the classes’ base cost is $29.20 across the term including any public holidays . That even counts if it’s not every week, it just needs to be a regular pattern that we can punch in. We call it a ‘block booking’ if it’s every week of the term, or a ‘regular booking’ if it repeats regularly but not every week.

If you’re just after a casual class, you need to give us a full days notice and a request via email. A casual booking is automatically enrolled into Creative Play (3-6pm ages 5+).

The specialised classes run from 4pm to 5:30pm every day and then children can join into Creative Play until 6pm

We also have a ‘Mini-Bridging’ session that runs from 2:30pm until 4pm, picking up children from Yarralumla’s Montessori and Pre-school classes. It costs $25 per session.

Please don’t be later than 6pm to pick up your children or we will need to charge you to cover the cost of overtime staff.

Other Fees


Manual Entry Fee – $15.00 per Enrolment Form

Applies if Aeoncademy has to manually enter Enrolment details on behalf of a parent. To dodge this one, just enter your details into Hubworks!

Cancellation Fee – $15.00 (VAC)

Applies if a Client cancels a Booking within two weeks of the booking date.

After Hours Fee –

Parents/carers must advise Aeoncademy if they are running late. If the centre has not been advised of a late collection and/or a child is not collected by 6.00pm, a late collection fee of $20 will be incurred and then a fee of $2 a minute will start to accrue. The following procedure will also apply: 1. Immediately after 6.00pm, a phone call is made to the child’s parent/carer. 2. If a parent/carer is not reached after a further 10 minutes, the emergency contacts specified on the child’s enrolment form are contacted. 3. If after: a) 30 minutes from closing (6.30pm) no contact has been made with either a parent/carer or emergency contact or b) if contact has been made with either a parent/carer or emergency contact, or if a parent has called to advise they are running late, but has not turned up after one hour the Child and Youth Protection Service will be contacted who will then come and collect the child. The responsibility of Aeoncademy’s staff ceases at this time and C&YPS will contact the parent/carer. Please don’t do this!


Account Review Fee – $20.00

You may request the office team to review your account if you have concerns but cannot pinpoint the specific issue (such as a missing payment). If you notice a mistake has been made in your account, please send the office the details and we’ll work to correct it.