Masters of Wind and Wave

Book a berth aboard one of the daring ships that worked the dangerous and lucrative cod-fishing trade along the Grand Banks of Newfoundland in the colony’s early days. Challenge great storms, hunt for valuable seal and caribou meat, haggle with greedy fish-merchants, and brave death and disaster to scrape by and maybe even build a family legacy amidst the blustering weather and icy chill of northern Canada.

Masters of Wind and Wave

In the Colonial Newfoundland: Masters of the Wind and Waves set of adventures Vala explores the most dangerous frontier of the late 18th Century, where men and women came to pit themselves against the elements to make their fortune, as well as teaching skills like teamwork, self-reliance, problem-solving, and determination as they strive to become Masters of Wind and Wave.


  1. The Hunt
  2. Wave Over Wave
  3. Rant And Roar
  4. To Beat the Winter Wind

The Hunt

As Spring frees the seas for conquest, the Fishermen of Newfoundland are gearing up for their first chance of the year to ply their dangerous trade. Making a profit against the potential of a poor season, reconnecting with the community, and discovering strange maritime creatures and monsters, the Masters of Wind and Wave prepare for a hard year on the sea.

Masters of Wind & Wave

Gather your equipment and set out across the ice to hunt seal and cod alike, when they discover a leviathan of the deep – the Giant Squid. It will take all their wits and fortitude now that they’ve begun The Hunt.

Wave Over Wave

Community spirit is strong and anticipation running high among the fisherfolk of Newfoundland as the warm days of late summer draw in, signalling that the fishing season is finally here. Outfitting their ship, the Windrider, they set out along the Grand Banks in search of a fisherman’s fortune in Atlantic cod, daring savage winds, high seas, and the treacherous weather.

Wave over Wave

But they may not even reach shore in time to preserve their catch against the lingering summer heat, though they race desperately Wave over Wave for home.

Rant And Roar

Cultural tensions in the town are running high again after the fishing season, due to competition over yields and accusations of poor conduct out on the high seas. The fish merchants have arrived from England and America with a mandate to change their financial relationships and require exclusive contacts, and the town is nervous over the risk of being beggared.

Masters of Wind & Wave

The locals must negotiate the tension between the town’s ethnic communities to put up a strong front and negotiate a better deal from the fish merchants. Then they must pull together to survive the devastating impact of the 1775 Hurricane as it drowns thousands and ruins houses to expose the vulnerable (children, grandparents) to the storm.

To Beat the Winter Wind

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