Merrie Men of the Green Wood

Merrie Men of the Green Wood

Barnsdale (then Barnsdale Forest), South Yorkshire, England

Circa 1222 – 1227 (immediately post-Fifth Crusade; Henry III is King of England)

Daniel Maclise - Robin Hood and his Merrie Men Entertaining Richard the Lionheart


  1. The Gallows & The Greenwoods
  2. The Merry Green Wood
  3. The Death of Guy of Gisburne
  4. The King in the Green Wood

The Gallows & The Greenwoods

On their way to the gallows at Tyburn in late summer, a wagonload of criminals and unfortunates take advantage of a broken wheel to stage an escape attempt and find themselves at large once more. Tirelessly pursued through the trackless Dales and over the fields and hills of Yorkshire by the bounty-hunter Guy of Gisburne and his murderous band of mercenaries,

The Gallows & The Green Wood

the outlaws desperately seek refuge with the legendary spirit Robin o’ the Hood in Barnsdale Forest as they flee the deadly consequences of their choice between The Gallows & The Greenwoods.

The Merry Green Wood

Having left pursuit far behind them as they vanished into Barnsdale Forest, the outlaws must quickly learn the skills of the forester – foraging, hunting, stealth, shooting, firemaking, craftsmanship – as they race against the approaching winter to make a home for themselves.

The Merrie Green Wood

But Guy of Gisburne, humiliated by their escape, has not given up on recapturing them and seeing them hanged. And as the weeks pass  the outlaws feel the weight of unseen eyes among the trees and come to suspect they are not alone here beneath the shade of the Merry Green Wood.

The Death of Guy of Gisburne

The outlaw band of Merrie Men and women has passed the winter safe within the depths of Barnsdale Forest, learning the secrets of the woodland spirits from their new mentor Robert Hode – the Robin in the Hood, the King of the Greenwood. But as the first flush of spring causes snowdrops to blossom and ice to melt, it also brings word from the smallfolk that their families have been thrown into the dungeons of York.

The Death of Guy of Gisburne

A cunning plan and plenty of courage is needed if they are to free their families and revenge themselves on those responsible by bringing about The Death of Guy of Gisburne.

The King in the Green Wood

Spring has given way to high summer in Barnsdale Forest, and the outlaw band are enjoying the warmth with their rescued families. But even as they make merry after robbing a corrupt bishop, their fate is being decided in York Castle.The King in the Green Wood

Driven on by the furious churchman, the sheriff sends a small army into the woods to put an end to their humiliating defiance. Fleeing with a badly-wounded Robert, the outlaws must decide if they can possibly rebuild after this devastating attack and choose what becomes of the legend of The King in the Greenwood.