In response to a growing demand for our specialised creative programs Aeoncademy is opening up a new ‘MiniSparks‘ class to help better nurture the creative spark in our youngest students.
Aeoncademy is dedicated to providing high quality educational opportunities in a friendly environment. On our biggest days for our after school sessions; Monday and Tuesday, our fledgling ‘MiniSparks‘ will have greater opportunity to explore their creativity with a dedicated carer by their side who will lead this smaller class through a flexible student driven program spanning the visual, dramatic and culinary arts.
As children in the MiniSparks develop skills and experience they will move into the Sparks group. As usual Sparks at age 7 will be given the opportunity to graduate from the Sparks program altogether and take the next step on their Aeoncademy journey. Creative Catalyst, Vala and Cornucopia all eagerly await graduating Sparks!
We are excited to launch this class and observe the subsequent changes to the Sparks program which we believe will be highly positive and lead to greater engagement for our youngest Aeoncademy members.
As always if you’d like to chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch.