Seed Pods and Genie Bottles in Clay

Seed Pods

Thursday ceramic classes have been getting their hands dirty with a lovely, smooth, rich terracotta clay. Perfect for modelling the varied sculptures we have been creating, based on the amazing world of seed pods.

seed pods from the garden
Some of our models

Using coiling and pinching techniques the class has made hollow forms and then explored texture using a range of ceramic tools. This week we will be glazing them, hopefully to show at the Open Day coming up soon.

Genie Bottles

Our next project, Genie Bottles will be drawing upon the Arabian Nights story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. We will be playing with bottle forms to make intricate and fascinating little containers out of clay. Unfortunately we probably can’t supply the wish fulfilling genie…

Bunch of vessels possible containing magic Genie
Genie in a Bottle. Which Bottle?!

Seed Collage

seed for collage
Some of our art materials

Wednesday drawing and painting class has been focussing on collage for the the beginning of term. Using seeds, spices and grains they have been building up faces using the contrasting colour, shape and size of the materials.

collage of edible seeds
spice seeds and sago

Magnified Drawings

This week’s project involved getting out the magnifying glasses to take a really close look at found objects like a moth, feathers, and cut vegetables. Using fine permanent pens and pencils, the class drew accurate versions of what they saw under the glass.

drawing class with magnifying glasses
Drawing in action