Shadow Puppets

Welcome to the wonderful world of Theatre! And what’s not to love about the magic of theatre? Step into a world of silhouette and create your own tale of shadowy adventures, drawing inspiration from the work of German animation artist Lotte Reiniger and Australia’s own shadow puppet genius Stephen Mushin.

Shadow Puppets
Shadow Puppet Theatre in Progress!

Working in small teams, we will work collaboratively to make stories for the Shadow Puppet Theatre.  Together, we will build scenes (using card and other mixed media -grasses, wool, fabric and more).

Peacock Feather
Materials to set the stage

These we’ll populate by our own individual shadow puppet characters as we play with design and moving parts to build animate our characters on the screen. A dog with a wagging tail? A wizard on a magic cloud?  A walking tree?  Anything is possible in this creative mixed media workshop. We will then bring these character creations to life in a  tale to be collaboratively developed and performed to the class (and probably the Sparks as well) using our beautiful, red-curtained shadow puppet theatre and lights.

Shadow Puppets
Shadow Puppets Performance in progress!

The Sparks will get involved in some of their own Shadowy Puppetry as well – with the same mixed-media construction, to help them understand how shadows and silhouettes work, how we tell stories, and what impact different storytelling mediums have on the tales they tell.

Our earlier dip into Puppetry and Performance produced some stunning results too.