Spring ‘Junk’ Sculpture

This workshop invites students to rethink familiar materials and capture a little of spring’s exuberance in a dynamic mobile sculpture. Drawing inspiration from the work of Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly, and recycled materials sculptor Aurora Robson, students will create a hanging garden, from upcycled and new materials. Flowers, fruits, foliage and seeds can all feature here. Add birds, bees and some of the buzz and movement of the season.

Aurora Robson plastic sculpture

Cut and heat shape old P.E.T bottles, then paint to form fabulous foliage, birds or beasts which can be strung, to fall through space and move with the breeze.

Dale Chihuly glass art

A bit of abstraction won’t go astray, with whirls of wind, rays of light and rainbows all possible elements, in this sculptural celebration of the season of renewal.

Plastic Bottle Sculpture