Steam Punk – Watercolour Painting

 Open your imagination to a world of science fiction/ fantasy  incorporating technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century, Victorian,  industrial,  steam-powered machinery.

Howl’s Moving Castle sketch by Miyazaki

This Art & Literature genre has been inspired by writers like Jules Verne (30000 Leagues Under the Sea) and HG Wells (War of the Worlds) and embraced by artists and animators like Miyazaki (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Steampunk Heart by Vitnir
victorian inspired Steampunk Art

This workshop will get everyone sketching wild machines – we will start by looking at a selection of visually stimulating objects for the theme: old watches, leather boxes, old fashioned keys, test tubes, an ancient typewriter, binoculars, leather diaries and old books, gears and cogs, old style telephone, bird in a glass box, pinned butterflies.

 Finally we will be using  a monochromatic  palette in watercolour and metallic washes to add some age, rust and character to our Steampunk masterpiece.