The Summer Holiday Program

Aeoncademy is excited to have launched our Summer Holiday Program for December-January this year! We’re launching a massive number of new workshops and bringing back some absolute classics.

2017 Summer Holiday Program

Our Summer Program, running from the 3rd to the 27th of January, is jam packed with amazing opportunities for some Education through Creativity!

Action Art is returning to Creative Catalyst for a series of fabulous (and messy) workshops, as well as the introduction of Monomania’s Monoprinting masterclass, Portraits in Oils, and the classic Keep on the Borderlands Ceramic Sculpture Workshop.

We’ve got some classic returning stories from Vala as well, with Rise of Rome and Awaken Andromeda returning from an earlier age, while the fantastic new Young Mutant Chronicles stories and the tales from the end of the world – in Wolves, Woe and War – are seeding our program with more new workshops than ever!

Our Christmas Elves workshops, running from the 19th to the 23rd of December, has been brought back by popular demand from last year. Our engaging compilation of arts & crafts, dramatic storytelling and Christmas themed cooking is here to help students unwind from a tough year at school and get ready for the Holidays (and help our parent community get ready for the season too).

The Program

As always, our program has been built around our ethos of Education through Creativity, and is full of amazing ways – both new and old – to learn about our world.

Week One
Creative Catalyst

Bejewelled Wands

Tuesday Dreamscape Dioramas
Mixed Materials
Wednesday Fantastic Fabric
Painting, Printing, & Playing
Thursday Fosslisation
Friday Action Art I
Paints, Crayon, Pencil, Chalk
Vala Dramatic Adventures

Age of the Buccaneers

Tuesday First of the Bushrangers
The Battle of Vinegar Hill
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
The Magnificent Why’s Ones
Thursday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Warp Experiment
Friday Merrie Folk of the Greenwood
The King in the Greenwood

Week Two
Creative Catalyst

Monday Paper Mache Monsters
Tuesday Underwater Dioramas
Mixed Materials
Wednesday Keep on the Borderlands
Thursday Junk Sculpture
Found Object
Friday Action Art II
Paints, Inks, Markers & More
Vala Dramatic AdventuresWar and Peace in Old Venice Monday Twilight of the Gods
Wolves, Woe, and War
Tuesday Realms of the Renaissance
Rise of Rome
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
Why’s Ones Hit the Streets
Thursday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Impossible City
Friday The World of Oliver Twist
Burglars, Conspirators, & Spies

Week Three
Creative Catalyst

Pinch-Potting Paradise!

Monday Goblets of Power
Tuesday Monomania
Wednesday Secret Garden
Thursday Portraits in Oils
Oil Painting
Friday Action Art III
Paint, Pastels, Spray Bottles
Vala Dramatic Adventures

Knight's Templar

Monday Legendary China
Nine Tripod Cauldrons
Tuesday Age of the Buccaneers
Escape from Maracaibo
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
The Verdigris Lantern of Faith
Thursday Dawn of a New Horizon
The Gates of Dawn
Friday The World of Oliver Twist
Fatal Consequences

Week Four
Creative Catalyst

Ceramic creations in Creative Catalyst!

Monday Sculptural Calligraphy
Tuesday Introduction to Etching
Wednesday Animal Masks
Paper, Card, & Paper Mache
Friday Action Art IV
Remote Controlled Dinosaurs
Vala Dramatic Adventures


Monday Fall of the Aztecs
The Fall of Tenochtitlan
Tuesday Arena 9000
Awaken Andromeda
Wednesday Young Mutant Chronicles
Versus the Babiron Avengers
Friday Time Bandits
Raiders of the Not-Yet-Lost Ark