Summer Lovin’ Sparks!

Our Sparks (4-7yo) have been having plenty of fun as they get into the swing of things here at Aeoncademy these Summer Holidays.

They’ve been painting, splattering, constructing, spraying, building, glooping, paper macheing drawing, plotting, sneaking, hiding, dressing up, mixing, stenciling, cutting, scratching, designing, tracing and developing a whole range of artworks, characters and spaces. Of course, that represents just a fraction of the things they’ve done while in the Creative Catalyst, Sparks and Vala spaces.

Time spent outside has involved watering the new plants, skipping, hooping, constructing sand cities, developing potions, playing catch, wet water play, chilling in the shade and a number of different games.

As the sun rises higher there’s always time to chill out with a cold treat and listen to a story or two before returning to the thick of things for the second half of the day. It’s been fab as we chill out with all our cool Summer Programs

The first half of the Summer holidays have been a lot of fun despite the heat and there’s still new and different things to have a go at over the next few weeks before school returns. Encounters with dragons, pirates, and time bandits all loom on the horizon as do opportunities to construct a poisoned chalice or two, nurture a secretive garden into being, sculpt letters and words from clay and get active while developing artworks.

You can check out more that’s been going on this week over in our Summer Program