Summer Vacation Program!


Summer Vibes...

Our Summer Vacation Program for January 2016!

The Open Day has come and gone, and thank you everyone who came along to the fantastic exhibition of children’s art, drama, and interactive crafternoon.  At our open day, as usual, we’ve released our schedule for our Summer Program – January is above, the Christmas elves workshops are below.

Christmas Elves program (1)


From Stencilling to Bird Baths, The Stone Age to the Near Future, we’re getting up to all sorts of fun these holidays. Of note are our Action Art workshops  – leave the constraints of the art room to explore ways of making art with bodies, motion, unconventional materials, and unconventional techniques! Giant Puppets promises enormous effigial puppets – made collaboratively – from paper mache and mixed materials, while All Tied Up will be a Gordian Knot of tie dying, yarn bombing, and webmaking. Mechanical Artist, with toy cars, catapults, pendulums and other wacky apparatus, promises to appeal to the Da Vinci in everyone. Spray, Splash, Splatter! gets everyone involved in exactly what it says on the tin: with dyes and paints, create Pollack-esque artworks showcasing the best of 2D art that brushes can’t paint!

In Vala, we’re having a return to some literary classics with The World of Oliver Twist – join Fagan’s gang of urchins and miscreants and try to outwit the peelers in Victorian London, or join up with the bobbies and become a ‘nose’ into the underworld of the classic Dickensian tale. Elf Towers of Dawn looks like it’s a hit already – with a classic High-Fantasy story that’s been coming together for 20 years – get embroiled in the tantalising tapestry of the old wizard Marshdog and follow the questing peregrines on their voyage of discovery in the fantastical world of the Dawnsaga. Our Science Fiction stories look into a possible near future, with a world pushed to the brink of overpopulation and pollution – and what happens when a ‘ruling elite’ try and quash the disenfranchised and desperate – and prepares us all for the end of the world (as we know it)!

Interested in our Summer Vacation Programs? Get in touch with the office on 6142 3268 to book in today!