Time Bandits

What better way to visit significant times and places in history and culture than as a member of the Time Bandits? This band of multifarious midgets once served the Supreme Being, making all the small things like boulders and shrubs until they angered him by making a particularly smelly bush.

Time Bandits

After being harshly scolded they petulantly stole His Map to All-of-Space-and Time and are now travelling through portals therein identified… stealing the greatest treasures ever known at the moments of greatest opportunity! (Just as we have stolen this idea from some of the original Monty Python team, ahem).

Time Bandits – The Mystery of the Fabergé Eggs

Now the Time Bandits  are headed off to Imperial Russia, over 100 years ago to see if they can get their greasy hands on some of the most precious treasures  known to humanity, the richly decorated and incredible ornamented Fabergé Eggs.

treasure Egg

Do you dare to join this eclectic and chaotic band of adventurers? Will your band succeed and achieve impossible wealth and glory…or will it all end up scrambled? Join us for the day and find out the Mystery of the Fabergé Eggs!