To Spark or not to Spark? This is one important decision!

Our Sparks program at Aeoncademy is designed to allow children aged 4-7 to experience what our Vala and Creative Catalyst programs have to offer in addition to getting messy in the kitchen with some World Cooking. However if you currently have a child attending Sparks at Aeoncademy and they turn 7 this year then please lend me your ears or eyes as the case appears to be!

Spark about to Graduate!

As the term in which your child turns 7 approaches so too does the long-awaited chance for them to choose the programs that they will graduate onto. They may decide both Creative Catalyst and Vala are equally great and they would like to do a little of both or that they have a particular favourite. In some cases they may decide they want to stay in Sparks just a little longer. 

Sparks Graduates Painting!

All these choices are okay. What is important is that as your Spark approaches their seventh birthday they are made aware of their responsibility to make a decision about what they want to do. At the start of the term your Spark will need to decide which room they want to be in on each day they attend, for the entirety of the term. You should help guide their decision as you see fit, and help these young graduates choose which of our programs they want to get involved in.

Sparks Graduate in CatalystFor example, Spark may decide they will do Creative Catalyst each Monday and Vala every Wednesday.
If you or your Spark have any questions about this process don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are, as always,
here to help!