An experienced worker

Work Experience by Mim

I started coming to Aeoncademy when I was seven years old, filling my holidays with creative art projects to take home to the family.

The program ignited the creative spark in me and has fuelled my passion for art which I have pursued throughout school.

When I turned fifteen I spent my holidays volunteering in Creative Catalyst, using it as chance to learn and further my art skills while getting to work with children in a fun environment.

Now almost finished year twelve I work as a casual employee during the vacation programs.These holidays however I have  come to Aeoncademy to undertake work experience and am sampling the different working aspects of the business from office work to catering.

Day 1

Avian Animalia

Avian Animalia
Avian Animalia

The kids in Creative Catalyst channelled their inner bird as they sculpted fowls and songbirds from clay. It can be challenging teaching ceramics to fledglings but very rewarding when you see their beautiful creations at the end of the day.

Rubbish Station
Recycling Station

One of my jobs of the day was to set up a recycling  station. Making sure the signs were clear what rubbish goes in which bin. I had to find examples of different types of rubbish to stick above the bins to make it easier to establish what type of waste something is.

The rest of the day was split between Creative Catalyst and helping Ochre (our chef) out in the kitchen which consisted of making popcorn for fifty children plus staff , which is a lot of popcorn!

All in all what a great day!


Tepee time
Tepee time