The World of Oliver Twist

Well now, well now, well now… so you want to visit Old London Town do you?

London Town in not-so-Merrie Olde England during that time what was called the… Industrial Revolution?

Well in that case you need to get ready for a pretty rough time of it!

Youse have been given shelter here by a bloke who they call… Fagin. You can call him “dear old uncle Fagin” if you like, if it makes you feel better; but I wouldn’t go getting too sentimental. Although he is ‘nicer’ than his ‘assistant’, name of Bill Sikes, who, truth be known, is prone to using a big stick to “keep folks in line”.

So roll up your sleeves my little thieves. Today we are welcoming new boys and girls to the gang! By the t ime ‘dear old Uncle Fagin’ and Bill have finished… instructing you in the finer points… you’ll be more than ready to hit the streets and get to work here in the World of Oliver Twist.

So let’s get going, without further ado… you’ve gotta pick a pocket or two!

Join in the merry (or not so merry) troupe of priggers, pennyweighters, and pidgeon pluckers under the ‘tender care’ of dear old Uncle Fagin in this literary romp of Dickensian proportions as we fall in with the crooks and coves of Saffron Hill around the turn of the Industrial Revolution.

Oliver Twist

Learn about teamwork and self-reliance, trust and betrayal, as well as exploring the magnificent storytelling of a true master as we toddle along with Fagin’s Gang in the World of Oliver Twist!